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Issue 187  |  Thursday January 22, 2015


Fruit a depression-buster for women

Women who eat fewer than two serves of fruit a day face a greater risk of developing depression, new research from the University of Queensland shows...
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Which hat type and materials to wear to protect against skin cancer

The rate of skin cancer amongst Australians is 2-3 times greater than that of the populations of Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom...
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Natural treatments for dealing with nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are common complications that may occur as a side effect of medication use, because of illness or...
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Breast pain and what it means

Mastalgia or breast pain is thought to be present in up to 69% of women and is most common in women between the ages of 30 and 50...
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Keeping up your health resolutions

Adopting healthy behaviours and avoiding unhealthy behaviours is the key measure an individual can take to prevent chronic illness such as obesity, diabetes and cancer...
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Australians having less sex than a decade ago

A major study into the sexual health and well-being of Australians reveals that sex in relationships occurs 1.4 times a week, down from...
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Always tired? Drug-free trial to a better night’s sleep

A new drug-free treatment will be trialled for people with symptoms of insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea in Brisbane...
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Accu-Chek Tenderlink infusion sets warning

Consumers and health professionals are advised that Roche Diagnostics Australia, in consultation with the TGA, is issuing a safety alert to notify of...
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Caution needed as medical tourism booms

Medical tourism may represent a serious threat to Australia’s health care system but a lack of evidence remains an impediment to rational assessment of its impact,...
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When we lose weight, where does the fat go?

Despite a worldwide obsession with diets and fitness regimes, many health professionals cannot correctly answer the question of where body fat goes when people lose weight,...
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Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) TGA warning 

Consumers and health professionals are advised that the TGA is aware of media reports relating to the safety of MMS, including a report that four people were...
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Mediterranean diet: The 10 day switch

A new study has suggested that even short term adherence to a 10 day Mediterranean-style diet was associated with benefits to mood and cardiovascular function...
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