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Issue 193  |  Wednesday April 29, 2015


Get stronger, leaner, healthier: The benefits of resistance training

Resistance training (RT) has become an increasingly popular exercise for both males and females in gyms across Australia. RT can help to increase sporting performance through its beneficial effects on power, strength, flexibility, speed, health, body composition and fitness...
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Risk factors for neck pain 

Neck pain can present in any of the seven cervical vertebrae (back bones) connecting the base of skull to the thoracic cage...
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Tips for preventing muscle strain at work

Computers are a vital part of the modern office environment. However, the human body is not designed for sitting at a computer workstation...
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What are the benefits and risks of osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of complementary therapy which works by physically manipulating the body’s muscles, bones and tissues which...
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It’s never too late to reap benefits of quitting smoking

The health advantages for younger people quitting cigarettes are well known. Now a study has found older smokers can...
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Australia leads world in skin cancer incidence but lacks reporting

New research confirms that Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancers in the world but lacks in national reporting of the statistics...
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New hope for kidney disease

Researchers have made a discovery that could see patients with kidney disease no longer having to resort to dialysis or kidney transplants...
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People power can lower blood pressure

Diabetes peer support, where one person with diabetes helps guide others, can significantly lower blood pressure in patients with Type 2 diabetes...
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DNA may prevent bowel cancer

A new study suggests the link between aspirin and colon cancer prevention may depend on a person’s individual genetics...
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Spinal procedure no longer such a pain in the back

Researchers will design a new medical device that could change the way spinal surgeries are delivered...
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Improving our mental health services

Expenditure on mental health-related services in Australia has increased in recent years, according to new figures released...
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