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Issue 198  |  Tuesday July 7, 2015


How to get a good night’s sleep

A good night's sleep is essential for a number of physiological functions. The amount of sleep, sleep quality and timing of sleep are all determined by many everyday activities and attitudes. Get practical advice for sleeping well through lifestyle and environmental changes...
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What happens when we sleep?

Sleep is a state of reduced awareness and responsiveness. In humans, sleep is also associated with reduced movement...
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Alcohol: Responsible Drinking

Alcohol is commonly consumed for fun during social occasions in Australia and most Australians have tried alcoholic beverages at some stage....
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Cold and Flu: What to eat and drink to get better faster

Continuing to eat healthy foods while the symptoms of a cold or flu resolve is important for ensuring you recover as quickly as possible...
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How the brain balances hearing between our ears

UNSW researchers have answered the longstanding question of how the brain balances hearing between our ears, which is essential for localising sound,...
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Preventive action on chronic disease needed

Victoria University has launched a blueprint for preventive action on chronic disease, which is supported by over 40 of Australia’s major public health and research organisations...
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Extreme exercise linked to blood poisoning

Researchers have discovered that extreme exercise can cause intestinal bacteria to leak into the bloodstream, leading to blood poisoning...
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Ovarian cancer discovery

Research findings have opened up the potential for the development of new treatments for women with high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma (HSC)...
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Virus evolution and human behaviour shape global patterns of flu movement

New research has revealed surprising differences in how each of the four types of influenza that cause seasonal viruses is spread...
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Breakthrough opens door to safer lupus drugs

A ground-breaking discovery could revolutionise treatments given to lupus sufferers, saving thousands of people each year from serious illness or death...
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Caring for kids with disabilities and difficult toileting behaviours

There is plenty of research telling us what most of us already suspected; that parents of children with disabilities are much more prone to stress, anxiety, depression and...
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