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Issue 197  |  Thursday June 25, 2015


Are you at risk of developing bowel cancer?

Bowel cancer is common but occurs very rarely in young adults. It becomes more common as age increases. People in their 50s, 60s and 70s are most at risk, with sex incidence being slightly more common in females. There are a number of factors which increase the risk of developing bowel cancers.
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Screening for Bowel Cancer (Colorectal Cancer)

Bowel cancer screening tests are designed to detect cancer before it becomes large enough to produce symptoms. This allows treatment to start earlier...
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Sexpert Q/A: How can I learn to cope with an unsatisfying sex life?

Our sexpert, Desiree Spierings, explains how to deal with mismatched libidos in relationships...
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Measles in pregnancy

Infection with the measles virus during pregnancy may affect both the mother and her baby. There is evidence to suggest that...
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Blood Types (Blood Group)

All cells, including those that make up blood, have a combination of substances known as antigens on their surfaces that is inherited...
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Bowel cancer caught too late among young Aussies

The majority of young Australians diagnosed with bowel cancer – the country’s second biggest cancer killer – are unaware about their risk and are being diagnosed too late,...
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New strategies to manage back pain

Improved mobility, less time off work and decreased reliance on painkillers are just some of the potential benefits of rethinking the approach to back pain treatment...
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1 in 7 Australians affected by arthritis

Data released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that about 3.3 million Australians reported having some form of arthritis in 2011-12...
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The dementia epidemic: Is Australia prepared?

With more than 1,800 new cases in Australia each week, dementia is predicted to be one of the biggest public health issues we will ever face...
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Only 1 in 10 Australians warned of medical over diagnosis risks by doctors

A national survey reveals that only one in ten Australians report being told about the risk of overdiagnosis by their doctors, according to...
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Aspirin to improve leg ulcers

Researchers are looking at whether aspirin can improve the healing rates of leg ulcers in older adults...
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School can be a pain in the back – literally

Does your school bag need a ‘wide load’ sign? With school backpacks having to carry not only children’s lunches, but laptops, textbooks...
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