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28 April 2016

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The risk factors for asthma

Asthma is an extremely common disease, and is the most common chronic condition in childhood. People with a family history of asthma or allergy are more likely to develop asthma than people with no family history of asthma or allergy. Other factors that increase the risk of developing asthma include...
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Hot Topics

The common myths associated with asthma and asthma treatments

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In this video respiratory physician Dr Bremner unveils the truth behind common misperceptions associated with asthma...
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Is it safe to take my asthma medication while I am breastfeeding?

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The decision to continue to take asthma medications depends on the severity of your asthma and how well the medication you are taking is controlling your asthma...
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Why are lung function tests performed?

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Lung function tests are performed routinely in general practice and other medical settings to diagnose and assess respiratory disease...
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Top Health News

Major breakthrough in fighting antibiotic resistance

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In a ground breaking discovery scientists have shown that drugs, originally developed to kill cancer cells, can also prevent infectious diseases...
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Vitamin D and fish oil ruled out as knee osteoarthritis treatments

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Despite good news for many years on the benefits of Vitamin D and fish oil, recent research has shown that neither will provide the answer to treating the pain of knee osteoarthritis....
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Sex when you have a heart condition 

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Cardiovascular disease is more than a heart problem, with up to 87% of the 3.72 million people living with the disease also experiencing sexual dysfunction...
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Taking the fight to ovarian cancer

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The latest research into genes and tumour mutations may offer new hope in the fight against one of the most tragic and challenging cancers – ovarian cancer...
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Aspirin is safe for heart surgery patients

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A worldwide study shows that patients who take aspirin before heart surgery are at no greater risk of bleeding or complications....
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Fat and salt combined is a toxic mix for our health and waistlines

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Scientists have found that salt promotes overconsumption of fatty foods adding weight to calls to reduce the salt content of foods...
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Meal plans to help older Aussies stay in their own homes 

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Experts will develop the first national meals guidelines for the Australian Meals on Wheels Association in an effort to support older adults to remain at home for as long as possible...
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Video of the Week

Top tips for managing asthma

Dr Peter Bremner explains Asthma Action Plans and what to do in an asthma attack
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Tool of the Week

Asthma Score Calculator

Use the asthma score calculator to assess your level of asthma control
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Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Five mornings a week, my husband goes to the health club, gets on the stair-stepper, sets the timer, and buries his nose in a book.

Recently, he noticed an amazingly fit middle-aged woman who seemed to run circles around everyone, took few breaks, and rarely even broke a sweat.

"It's not fair," he complained. "By the time I'm dragging myself off to the showers, she's hopping back onto the stepper for another session."

One day he came home with a sheepish grin.

"Well," he said, "they're identical twins."
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