Kawet reporting for duty!
Dear users,

You were expecting it...
We had it on the drawing board for a while now...
It's now official:

Cashew is iPad compatible!

It's a major evolution of the platform and we really hope it will fulfill all your expectations!
iPad optimization was actually not the only goal, but every formats out there: each app can now be shown in landscape mode, whatever device you are using.

The same goes for Android: within a few weeks you will be able to enjoy Cashew on every tablets like the Galaxy Tab or Xoom...

No change on your side. If you want to check it out, just update the Cashew Shaker on your iPad and add some images in your Cashew dashboard. Everything is explained in the FAQ!
In the meantime, you can try the Kawet app iPad version (free download on the App Store).

This platform update brings some other new features as well:

- Apps are now iOS 5 compatible.
- Images can now be stretched on the entire cell (it makes the images 'clickable'). This feature opens the door to many new possibilities in terms of design. The app is the perfect exemple, test it!
- The images rendering is now full dynamic, adapted to your device, with a better rendering and a decreased loading time.
- The mp3 player was improved.
- The system has a better memory management.
- Some bugs have been fixed.

Kawet teams up with ticketscript

One more time, Kawet pushes the boundaries of the app creation!
We talked about an API few months ago... Well, it's done! The Cashew technology can now be integrated in any infrastructure or existing plateform and gives anyone the ability to create apps without using the Cashew CMS. In one click!

We are proud to announce this major partnership, first of many hopefully!

is the European market leader in online, mobile and social ticketing solutions. Ticketscript is currently enabling over 30,000 events throughout Europe to use their plug-and-play ticketing tool to sell tickets and promote events. Now, in a few seconds, each event organiser can build its own native iPhone and Android app for its event. In addition of a specific tab for the tickets shop, every information available on the ticketscript platform is automatically added: date, place, agenda, RSS, Twitter, YouTube channel, etc... This is a world premiere!

More information on ticketscript, Reuters, The Drum, Mobile Marketing Magazine.

It's been a year already...

The official launch of Cashew was one year ago!
To celebrate, we are refreshing our design. No more vintage wallpaper,
hello lacquered wood.. We started with the Kawet app, the new Cashew website is on its way...


We opened a community platform, where everyone (you and us!) can ask questions, highlight a problem, ask for more information... but also suggest new ideas, challenge us or just chat between Cashew users or the Kawet staff!

Anyway! Enough to warm the winter! :-)

The Kawet team

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