Add acceleration to Imaging applications from Medical, Industrial and Defense domains.
CUVI - GPU Accelerated Imaging

CUVI is now 1.2

CUVILib has finally came out of Beta. We have added a lot more functionality and made sure that it runs smooth on mission-critical applications. Its simple API, magnitudes better performance than competing solutions and cross-platform support provides you a complete Imaging package. Get started now by downloading the free-trial or take a look at the Wiki.

Faster than Intel® IPP

CUVI's Imaging functionality is magnitudes faster than Intel IPP (see benchmark) which means when you use CUVI, you cut the hardware cost while adding more performance to your Medical/Industrial/Defense Imaging application. Here's what one of CUVI users has to say:

"Thanks to the CUVI GPU acceleration library we could add real time 2k image processing to our film scanning application without writing one single line of GPU code. Previously, we had to use a 12-core Xeon machine."

- Jean-Pierre Gehrig, CEO Edeltech
Download CUVI Documentation
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