Join us on a Virtual Hike for Humanity May 2nd

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and resultant cancellation of the annual Human Race, Conservation Works is taking a Virtual Hike for Humanity this year on May 2nd.  This will be a walk for celebrating being outdoors!


On May 2nd or any day in the next month, open your front door, step outside, and let your imagination soar.  As you travel down your sidewalk or path, maintaining social distance from others, look about you--What do you see?  Can you find a bush supporting the buzzing of pollinators?  What are they? What is that plant? Do you see big, black and yellow bumble bees?  Or are they small syrphid flies? 

What are Syrphid flies? you ask.  These small colorful "hoverflies" are tiny helicopters of the insect world, hovering over flowers as they seek nectar and pollen, pollinating the plant as they visit.  Their larvae are beneficial too, as the tiny and nearly invisible slug-like form of the insect voraciously devours aphids infesting your garden plants. 

Take this Virtual Hike for Humanity as often as you like on or before May 2nd, and capture a photograph of nature around your neighborhood.   Please share it on our Facebook page so others may share in the natural world that you found on your "hike":
(note: Conservation Works is also known as the North Coast Resource Conservation & Development Coumcil, AKA NCRCDC)

As we adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic constraints, we are also fundraising during this Hike, and invite you to donate to our non-profit organization and also share our fundraising page with others --  spread the word about our Virtual Hike for Humanity by copying-and-pasting the link below in your email and social media!

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