February 22, 2019
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Moving Forward For Better Water Quality and Reliability: Board Awards Contract for the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Upgrades and Ozonation Contract 
At a special meeting on February 6th, 2019, the Zone 7 Board of Directors unanimously approved the construction contract for the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant (PPWTP) Upgrades and Ozonation Project, reiterating our commitment to both water quality and water reliability.

Fiscal Responsibility and Careful Planning
Across the state, infrastructure that delivers water to California is getting older and stressed beyond its capabilities. Zone 7 has always been a forward-thinking water utility and takes fiscal responsibility very seriously. It is our mission to properly prepare and budget for infrastructure investments before they get to a critical point and before emergency measures, which are always more costly than proactive planning, are necessary. The PPWTP Upgrades and Ozonation Project has been part of Zone 7’s long-term financial planning for over a decade, so the construction contract award is an exciting milestone. Zone 7 has been preparing for these projects in its planning and budgeting documents since 2005, and has dedicated funds that are sourced through a combination of water rates, new connection fees, and bonds. The improvements will cost approximately $110 million for planning, design, and construction. Staff has continued to improve project planning and design along the way, learning from its experience with the Del Valle Water Treatment Plant Ozonation Project, which is in progress, and, as a result, creating a better project overall.

Upcoming Meetings:

Board of Directors Meeting 
Date: Wed., March 20, 2019, 7 p.m.
Where: Zone 7 Water Agency, 100 North Canyons Parkway, Livermore  

Livermore Valley Water Financing Authority (if needed)
Date: Wed., March 20, 2019, 7 p.m.
Where: Zone 7 Water Agency, 100 North Canyons Parkway, Livermore


The Tri-Valley Water-Wise Gardening website provides water-efficiency tips for landscaping and gardening based on climate and other factors specific to our region. To learn more, visit

Check the websites of your local retailer:
- City of Pleasanton
- City of Livermore
- California Water Service Co. - Livermore
- Dublin San Ramon Services District

For rebate information, click here.

Report a Spill or Dumping

Zone 7 owns many flood control channels and creeks in the Cities of Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin, and in unincorporated areas of Eastern Alameda County. If you see a spill or dumping in any waterway, follow the directions below to report it:

1. If a spill is currently happening, call 911.

2. If the situation is not urgent, call: 

  • Zone 7 Administrative offices at (925) 454-5000 during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Water Treatment Plant Operator at (925) 447-6704, ext. 1, during non-business hours

Public Safety First
The PPWTP was built in 1962, and has gone through several improvements over the years. However, no major upgrades have been made in over 15 years. This project will improve treated water quality, replace and upgrade aging treatment facilities, increase treated water storage capacity, and increase the plant’s production capacity from 12 million gallons of water a day to 24 million gallons a day (mgd). The project at PPWTP will not only add ozone, but will integrate other necessary replacements and upgrades that will modernize the plant, making crucial upgrades to electrical and fire systems, increasing cost savings and efficiency by bundling the two projects together as one. Once the project is completed, the plant will essentially be a brand new 24 mgd plant and will provide much needed redundancy in case of potential outages and emergencies at the Del Valle plant. Operational flexibility in the event of emergencies such as earthquakes or equipment malfunction is a critical component of strategic planning for emergency preparedness. We hope an emergency of such proportions never strikes, but in case it does, we want the public to know we’re prepared.

Comparing Apples to Apples
Zone 7 recognizes that the budget for this project is a large commitment; however, after thorough review, the Zone 7 Board has concluded that it is a necessary undertaking. As part of our commitment to ratepayers, staff has reviewed other projects to ensure that these costs are in line with similar projects by other Bay Area water agencies. A similar project at Santa Clara Valley Water District expects to spend $300 million to upgrade its Rinconada Water Treatment Plant. Although the scale of their project is larger, the scope is similar to the PPWTP project and includes adding ozonation and other plant upgrades. Zone 7 staff has also factored in the rising costs of construction in the Bay Area and has determined that postponing such an undertaking could put Zone 7 at risk of paying much higher costs down the road.

And Why Ozone?
After extensive study and pre-planning, Zone 7 determined that ozone treatment is the best option to modernize its water treatment plants so that the agency can continue to meet its commitment to providing a reliable supply of high-quality water. Ozonation is a tried and true technology that is commonly utilized by similar agencies and, given the attributes of our water supply, is the best method of treatment.

The addition of ozone to the existing treatment process will also serve to improve the quality of your drinking water. Specifically, ozone treatment:

  • Is the most effective treatment for contaminants of emerging concern (like toxic compounds produced by blue-green algae (also known as cyanotoxins), endocrine disruptors, and pharmaceuticals).
  • Is the most effective treatment method for improving color, taste and odor.
  • Is more effective in killing viruses and bacteria than chlorine disinfection.
  • Reduces potentially harmful disinfection by-products.
  • Leaves no harmful residuals—ozone quickly decomposes into oxygen.
  • In tandem with the filtration process, removes organic matter and inhibits the growth of microorganisms.
  • Enhances other steps in the water treatment process.

Zone 7 is excited to begin the construction phase of this long-planned project, and we will continue to include the public in our transparent process of providing clean and safe drinking water to Zone 7 customers. Please look to our website for periodic project updates and announcements.

Zone 7 Declares March 18 - 24 Fix a Leak Week

Join us for our fourth year in participating in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense program’s Fix a Leak Week. The program aims to use water resources more efficiently, to preserve water for future generations and, to reduce water and wastewater infrastructure costs by reducing unnecessary water consumption. Checking and fixing household plumbing fixtures for leaks inside and outside of the home is a great way to conserve water and save money. You can take the 10 minute WaterSense Challenge using this checklist. More information about what you can do to save water indoors and out is provided on the WaterSense website. Want to share how you’ve saved water during Fix a Leak Week? Use the checklist to look for leaks and if you find one, snap a pic and share with us on Twitter using #Ifixleaks.

EPA Recognizes Zone 7 for its Water Conservation Efforts

Zone 7 is pleased to announce that it has been an EPA WaterSense Partner for five years. The WaterSense program is transforming the marketplace for products and services that use water, and promoting a nationwide ethic of water efficiency to conserve water resources for future generations and reduce water and wastewater infrastructure costs. As a WaterSense partner, Zone 7 helps promote the value of water and helps consumers make smart choices about water use. Fix a Leak Week is one way that Zone 7 partners with the EPA and other WaterSense partners to raise awareness about water conservation. Consumers can also look for WaterSense-labeled products (like showerheads and irrigation controllers) when they are making choices about products in their homes. WaterSense-labeled products and services are certified to use at least 20 percent less water, save energy, and perform as well as or better than regular models.

Zone 7 Open Positions

Zone 7 currently has the following open positions:

Human Resources Officer II, Zone 7
  • Filing Deadline: March 8, 2019, 5:00 p.m.
 Water Plant Operator II, Zone 7
  • Filing Deadline: Continuous
Mission Statement:
Zone 7 Water Agency is committed to providing a reliable supply of high quality water
and an effective flood control system to the Livermore-Amador Valley. In fulfilling our present and future commitments to the community, we will develop and manage the water resources in a fiscally responsible, innovative, proactive, and environmentally sensitive way.

Vision Statement:
To be recognized as the platinum standard water and flood control district in which to live, work and do business by enhancing the quality of life, economic vitality and environmental health of the communities we serve.

OPEN AND TRANSPARENT -- The Board's meetings and communications shall be open and public, except when the Brown Act authorizes otherwise.
CUSTOMER SERVICE -- Our commitment to the community requires prompt, respectful and courteous relations with our customers, both internal and external, as well as pursuing community partnerships and collaboration with     other area public agencies when beneficial to the public.
INTEGRITY -- We practice the highest ethical standards and maintain open, honest communications at all levels of the organization at all times.
FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE -- We will operate in a productive, cost effective, transparent and efficient manner to ensure sound financial stability.
ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE -- In carrying out our mission, we are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the environment while complying with regulations.
INNOVATIVE/PROACTIVE -- We encourage innovation, creativity and ingenuity, seeking constant improvement and keeping up with the latest economical technologies and management practices.
SAFETY -- We are committed to public and employee safety to maintain a healthy work environment.  We work safely and provide safe products and services.
EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT -- We foster a respect for diversity, equality, a spirit of performance-based accountability and productivity along with personal and professional growth for all team members so as to achieve excellence through the collective energy that comes from a work environment where each employee can flourish and succeed to their highest potential.
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Contact Information:
Zone 7 Water Agency, 100 North Canyons Parkway, Livermore, CA 94551
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