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Schedule of Events

Board of Directors

When: Wednesday, Feb. 20,
7 p.m.
Where: Zone 7 Water Agency,
100 North Canyons Parkway,

Zone 7 Presentation on Independence
What: Alameda County Transporation & Planning Committee
When: Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 6 p.m.
Where: 4825 Gleason Drive,


State's Flood Preparedness Website
To see it, click here! Conservation Tips

The Tri-Valley Water-Wise Gardening website provides water-efficiency tips for landscaping and gardening based on climate and other factors specific to our region. To learn more, visit
  • For information on rebates for water-conserving devices at your home or business, see the rebates page of Zone 7's website.

Zone 7's Independence

As many may know, Zone 7 was formed in 1957 to allow local control of flood control and water supply. A chronology of the agency is available on the Zone 7 website at:

Since its formation, Zone 7 has continued to take steps to expand this level of local control. Most recently, in 2003, new legislation stated "Notwithstanding any other provision of this act, the zone board elected pursuant to this section shall govern and control, in accordance with this act and without further action by the district board, all matters that relate only to the zone established pursuant to this section."

Local control has allowed voters in the Livermore-Amador Valley to select (and reject) Zone 7 board members to properly represent them on issues such as water supply, water quality, flood management, integrated uses of facilities, etc.

In 2012, in an effort to increase flexibility, improve efficiencies and allow all customers within its water service area to vote for directors, Zone 7 began the process to become completely independent. Additional information on efforts to date is available on the Zone 7 website at:

The two County Supervisors who represent in-County customers of Zone 7, Supervisor Nate Miley and Supervisor Scott Haggerty, both serve on the County's Transporation and Planning Committee. To facilitate a public meeting on Zone 7's independence, this committee will receive a presentation on this topic at 6 p.m. on March 5, 2013, at Alameda County's Public Works Office, 4825 Gleason Drive, Dublin, CA, 94568.


Zone 7 staff prepared a quarterly report on the status of efforts to address the crisis in the Delta, which serves as a conveyance for the State Water Project. The State Project allows Zone 7 to import over 80 percent of its water supply to serve the Tri-Valley. For more information on the current status of this effort, click here to see this report, which discusses the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, the alternative "portfolio option," and other issues of interest to Zone 7.

Water Quality


Several complaints were received over the three-day weekend concerning high levels of chlorine. These were caused when water leaked from an out-of-service facility that was in the process of being disinfected so it could be placed back in service. The incident was quickly resolved and subsequent testing showed the water remained safe to drink at all times.


On occasion, there are news articles and movies about chromium. Chromium is a metallic element found in rocks, soils, plants and animals. It is used in steel making, metal plating, leather tanning, corrosion inhibitors, paints, dyes, and wood preservatives. The most common forms of chromium in the environment are trivalent, hexavalent, and the metal form. The USEPA regulates total chromium in drinking water, and has set a Maximum Contaminant level (MCL) of 0.1 mg/L. The World Health Organization (WHO) guideline is 0.05 mg/L for total chromium. Currently, there are no federal regulations for individual chromium species in drinking water. Hexavalent Chromium, or Cr(VI) is naturally occurring here in the Livermore Valley, although it exists at levels well below current regulatory limits. Additional information is available from a number of respected resources:
  • State of the Science of Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water was prepared for the Water Research Foundation. This paper is available on the Internet and provides a summary of Cr(VI) occurrence, sources, analytical methods, treatment options, and health effects, as well as the status of state and federal drinking water regulations.  To access this document, click here.
  • Myths Versus Facts on Hexavalent Chromium prepared by the American Water Works Association and the Association of California Water Agencies. This paper dispels common myths related to Cr(VI). To access this document, click here. However, the cost information presented has since been updated in a presentation noted in the next citation.
  • The Water Research Foundation's Feb. 4, 2013 Hexavalent Chromium Workshop. The "Practical and Economic Feasibility of Implementing Cr(VI) Treatment" presentation (based on projects funded by the Water Research Foundation and AWWA's Water Industry Technical Action Fund) contains the most recent information on cost implications of potential Cr(VI) MCLs in California and nationwide. Numerous other technical presentations were provided on the topic. To access this information, click here.

Mission Statement:
Zone 7 Water Agency is committed to providing a reliable supply of high quality water
and an effective flood control system to the Livermore-Amador Valley. In fulfilling our present and future commitments to the community, we develop and manage water resources in a fiscally responsible, innovative, proactive, and environmentally sensitive way.

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Contact Information:
Zone 7 Water Agency, 100 North Canyons Parkway, Livermore, CA 94551

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