End-of-season WAMP fair on Erzsébet Square
End-of-season WAMP fair on Erzsébet Square

WAMP design fair
15. September
11.a.m.-7 p.m. 
Erzsébet tér

 As days are getting shorter, the presence of autumn is becoming more and more tangible. Open-air venues are closing, people are starting to wear trench coats and umbrellas and soon, WAMP is moving to an indoor location. Before this, however, we are hosting an end-of-season design fair on September 15 on Erzsébet Square.  
As usual, we hope to have sunny weather and a lively atmosphere at the fair, where you can find fine gastro products as well as cool design objects. 

Graphic designers at WAMP

There will be more than fifty exhibitors and we would now like to call your attention to some graphic artists who use their own works in new contexts, moving beyond the paper format. Éva Szép, the founder of the Evuska label has been designing unique pillows for years. Éva works as a graphic artist and has also prepared a pillow collection that she decorated using screen printing technique for the fair, in addition to her other designs decorated with felt, crocheted or embroidered motifs. Her drawings printed on natural materials tell a personal story and convey a special atmosphere in just one picture and these designs are also used for decorating canvas totes. Eszter Schall has worked as an illustrator, commercial artist and designer of gifts and jewellery since 2009. There is an abundance of images, colours and shapes in the fascinating world of her art. Readers of children’s books might also be familiar with the work of Katalin Szegedi, as she has illustrated several high quality publications in the past few years. Her distinctive, often literally magical figures and slightly melancholy pictures work effectively on their own, and visitors will find a huge selection of limited-series prints of them at the fair. Annamária Megyeri’s drawings have a very different style. The founder of the Rosehip brand applies her motifs on her hand-made accessories, bags and jewellery in a unique way. Her latest collection of wooden jewellery is called Petitmonde, and her most popular characters, the fox and the rabbit are featured on the necklaces. 

Two-day WAMP event at Design Week Budapest

Naturally, WAMP will not be left out of the design fiesta this year, either, and we are planning a special WAMP Spájz (Pantry) event in addition to the usual two-day design fair. 
We are organizing a event for design professionals to be held on September 28-29 during the Design Week Budapest, entitled Good design, consisting of interactive presentations that are new to the general public. The presenters will be well-known experts in the fields of marketing, design and communication, sharing their views and vision on the nature, role and influence of design.  
On Sunday September 29, the fans of fine gastronomy will be offered a special WAMP Spájz selection, jointly organized by Hello Wood and Design Terminál.

Send in your application, WAMP+ returns
This month, we are inviting applicants for participating at the WAMP+ section of the design fair at a lower cost. This new section of WAMP was introduced in March 2012. The objective of the WAMP+ initiative is to help designers who make exceptionally high quality items participate at the design fair at a discount price.  We are looking for designers and brands that offer novel, progressive and high quality design objects with an inventive use of materials and have their own collection. They have a distinctive character and image, so they can be an example for young, up-and-coming Hungarian talents. The winners can participate in three WAMP fairs. Application deadline: September 20, 2013

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