New rising talents at WAMP in May!
Date: 10 May 2015
Opening hours: 11am – 7pm
Location: Erzsébet square
Free admission.
WAMP at Erzsébet square belongs to the usual spring-summer cityscape for nearly a decade by now. Wamping can be a whole day thing to do, and it is a perfect free time activity, which is more than just simple shopping, it is also about gathering new impulses and inspiration, meeting designers, and connecting and chatting with others. WAMP is a thriving shopping and meeting point which provides an ever changing selection of designer brands, where exhibitors sell self-designed and often self-made products like unique garments, accessories, toys, home design items or some of the finest gastro products. 

The designer of the month is Rozi Sunglasses

The manufacture which borrowed its name from an imaginary dog, and focuses specifically on wooden sunglasses was founded just about two years ago by Arnold Kis. The strength of the brand lies in classic models which suit any style due to their simple, clear look, and the refined handmade elaboration guarantees that these sunglasses will surely last for many years. The brand gives space also for individual needs, as beyond the latest collections customers can choose from at least thirty different filmy – light, dark or root patterned wood veneer and more than sixty matching lenses. The number of variations is nearly endless, and Arnold is even open to adjust the frames to individual sizes. The current collection will be introduced to the public in May at WAMP.

For many WAMP means not only a popular, by now even in Vienna acknowledged market, but also the genre of a high quality design fair, that brings together designers and showcases them in the form of a professionally organized event. Besides, WAMP was not only first in establishing the genre, but it is still the only design fair in Budapest where visitors are offered a selected collection of design works. At the fair in May design fans may expect an even wider range of new designers and products to choose from. Let us introduce you some of the newcomers!

Annamária Papp is in love with leather, she creates her bags and other leather accessories exclusively from the best high quality materials from Italy. Her products are gentle and practical yet of a high standard and are made in limited numbers. We recommend her brand to those who favor modest but high quality pieces, and to tell a secret there are a few types which are available in one piece only.
e of new designers and products to choose from. Let us introduce you some of the newcomers!

The Folenta brand main profile is string jewelry made predominantly through knotting and twisting. It is the unique painting technique that makes the elaborately shaped and eye-catching earrings completely irresistible. Watch out! These are highly impressive pieces for daring ladies.

The products of Ági Magony are inspired by responsible thinking. The two-layered natron paper CUCC paper sacks function as a stylish container practically at any space of your home from the living- and kid’s room till your wardrobe. The sacks are extremely strong and are available in more sizes with painted or stenciled labels.
Poisjardin, the brand of Zsuzsi Kardos offers painted wooden jewelry and fridge magnets. Her distinctive illustrations depict peculiar portraits, cute animals and lovely scenarios. Perfect gift for all ages. 
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