A Blockbuster Movie We Need To Pray For

Hello friends!  All of you have a love for China, so I thought I should write you about a film that is about to be made featuring the Flying Tigers, also called The American Volunteer Group.

The Flying Tigers were about 100 American pilots and another 200 American support staff who volunteered to fight and die defending China from Japanese bombers from December of 1941 to July of '42. Later, American and Chinese pilots would fly together over China until 1945 and they also adopted the name Flying Tigers. The Flying tigers are famous and beloved all across China already!

The Chinese government has recently commissioned this movie to be made!  It seems they want to remind Americans that China and America were once comrades in arms, fighting and dying for each other in WWII. Chinese companies are ready to invest tens of millions in it. All they need is an American production company to join them. 

This is great news for any American living in China!  The renewed friendship between these two great nations that results from this movie could be very beneficial to Americans living in China. In addition, the world would be greatly strengthened by a deeper friendship between China and America as they both stand against global evil of all kinds.

I know some of the people involved in this movie project.  I have their permission to ask you for prayer so that this film is made the right way. So much good could come from it!

Prayer Target: This Monday, December 13, a major Hollywood producer will be contacted to join this film project.  He could make this film better than most people in Hollywood.

There is much more I could say but I hope this encourages  you to pray. I know you all share my love for China and America. This is no ordinary film. It could change nations. It will certainly be seen by hundreds of millions of people, especially in China.

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Many blessing and Christmas joy to you all,

Bob Fox
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