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Does your waterproofing stand the test of time?

In this edition of our newsletter we introduce you to Radcon#7 and Radmyx. These products are innovative waterproofing solutions that are so good at what they do, they come with 50 and 100 year guarantees. Not only are these great products, they are competitively priced so you end up saving money too.


Radcon#7 is the world’s only internal concrete membrane. Applied to the finished concrete, Radcon#7 is a flexible bio-chemically modified sodium silicate composite that will continue to grow and heal internally within the concrete forever. Radcon#7 has been on the world market since1975 in over 85 countries, a very cost effective “green” solution to having to use traditional membranes.

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Radmyx Capillary Waterproofing System is a complete “once-and-for-all” approach to waterproofing below grade concrete structures such as basements, tunnels, culverts and water holding vessels.
Radmyx is suplied as a pure concentrate, added to concrete at batching and and is effective against positive or negative water pressures.
Radmyx reacts with the hydration products of cement to form crystals within the cracks, pores and capillaries of concrete structures – thereby effectively blocking the passage of water. Complete waterproofing is normally achieved within 5-7 days from application. After the crystallisation process has successfully waterproofed the structure the active chemicals in Radmyx remain dormant in the concrete. Any subsequent contact with water will reactivate the Radmyx sealing process.

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