This is February 2014 Queen's Monthly Mentoring

February 2014

Queen's Monthly Mentoring

People Aren't Your Problem! pt.3

For the past two months, we have looked at the issue of dealing with people and seeing them from a spiritual perspective.Click here to read pt.1 & 2 of this lesson.

This month, we will look at what God expects of us and how we should be operating when we are dealing with people. As citizens of the Kingdom of God, we are responsible for maintaining a Kingdom-like culture wherever we go. Genesis 2:15  We are also responsible for obedience to God's Word. Every manifestation or miracle that takes place in our lives is preceded by an act of obedience. Romans 4:21-24 AMP  Any failure we experience is on our part. God is always faithful. Numbers 23:19; Hebrews 6:18  Because of the Law of Dominion, God allows you to determine what he can do in your life. Luke 12:16 We have to submit to God for Him to do anything in the earth. James 4:6-7 AMP 

Knowing how to operate around people is extremely important because of who we are in the Kingdom of God. Spirit filled man is God's representative in the Earth. We have to exercise our dominion. We are responsible for speaking only what God tells us to speak through and in line with His Word. John 12:49-50 AMP  When we run into a situation where a confrontation with a person ensues, we must walk in the spirit. We can call out the spirit behind a person. We have to recognize that the devil has no power over us. Luke 10:19 When we speak to a situation, we are operating with authority and taking dominion for the Kingdom. Mark 11:22-24; Genesis 1:26-28 We are expected to change our area of influence so it reflects a Kingdom like culture. Matthew 16:19 AMP In order to change the culture to reflect the Kingdom, we have to be willing to look past ourselves and put God's Kingdom first. We have to make advancing His Kingdom a priority in our lives and we must ask God for wisdom on how to do this. Matthew 6:33 We also must maintain our authority and not be a victim to something we have authority over. We must not allow the devil to converse with us. There is no discussion with the devil. You say what God says and that is it. 2 Timothy 3:5

I pray this lesson has been a blessing to you and will help you to look differently at contrary people. Walk in love towards people who are being used. They need to see the Kingdom of God in action to even want to come out of the kingdom of darkness. It is awesome to watch someone in God's Kingdom operating with authority, power and love!

Pastor Gena Matthews


Queens' Mentoring Mission

To encourage women to receive the abundant life Jesus came to bring them through the teaching of the Word of God while pursuing their Kingdom purpose!

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Questions For The Lesson

1. Are you willing to submit to God so that He can work through you to have His will done in the earth?

2. Do you waste time in conversation with the devil?

3. Do your words change your area of influence for good or for bad?

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