Queens' Monthly Mentoring May 2015
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Next Generation Ambassadors

It was a true honor and privilege to meet and to be ministered to by Myles Munroe Jr. and Charissa Munroe. It is awesome to see the vision continue on in the next generation. We must remember that a vision is not given for the visionary, but it is for the generations that follow. 
Queens' Mentoring Mission

To encourage women to receive the abundant life Jesus came to bring them through the teaching of the Word of God while pursuing their Kingdom purpose!

Queens' Update

We will meet for our next Queens' meeting August 21st at 7:30pm.
If interested in attending, contact the email address
We are responsible as Kingdom citizens to pray God's manifested will into the earth. We must take time to pray in the spirit without an agenda so that God can manifest His will in the earth.
Regarding prayers of petition, if you have prayer requests, please send them to:
RIC Women's Retreat 2015
We are so excited about what will take place at the retreat.. This will be an awesome time of revelation and encouragement for the women who attend. If you or a friend would be interested in attending, send a response email to:
New Book Release!

My newest book "Survival Mode" is scheduled to be released soon. I have produced a workbook to go along with this life changing book. I am extremely excited to share with you part of my story. This testimony will be a blessing to those who read it.

Kingdom Manifestation
The Benefits of Process to the Kingdom

I hope you are enjoying this series on process. So often people go through things in life and never stop to consider if there is a greater purpose to what we go through. My hope is that you will look at process from a Kingdom perspective and see the benefits that come as a result of your process.

We are continuing to look at how process moves you and how process helps you to submit to God.

6. Process moves- you to your set place of assignment and purpose. 
Ruth 1-4
Ruth went from being a wife, to being a widow, to moving to a foreign land, changing religions, giving up all she knew for what she didn’t, following her mother-in-law’s instructions, being at the right place at the right time, blessed with the man of her dreams and a son for Naomi.
Ruth's life did not end when her husband died, it was just beginning. We can't allow extreme situations or circumstances to cause us to give up on life. Ruth had a destiny to be in the lineage of Jesus. If she had given up based on her situation, she would have forfeited the destiny God had for her. No matter what your situation currently looks like, don't give up.

Esther 2-8
Esther went from being an orphaned child in a foreign land, to being put into the king’s harem, to having favor with those in charge of the harem, to becoming the queen and being a heroine to her people.
Esther never took on a victim mentality based on her circumstances. She operated in such a way that she carried the favor of God wherever she went. She also recognized that the favor God blessed her with had a much larger purpose. God does not focus on the individual. He sees nations. When God blessed Esther with favor, He saw the saving of His people from the schemes of Haman. Our process is never just for us, but it is for the generations we will affect.

Joseph (Genesis 37-41)
Joseph went from sharing dreams that caused his brothers to hate him, to being put  in a pit and made to look like he died, to being sold into slavery, to having favor with Potipher, to being falsely accused of rape, to being thrown into jail, to gaining favor with the jailer, to interpreting the king’s men’s dreams, to be forgotten by them, to interpreting Pharoah’s dreams, to becoming the Prince of Egypt.
Sometimes the destiny God plans for us may cause problems with the relationships we have with family and friends. When separations take place, realize it is for a greater purpose. You have to have the revelation that God's blessing and favor go with you no matter how bad things are wherever you go. God expects us to change the culture to one that reflects His heavenly kingdom no matter where you are. God uses all of your experiences to prepare you for your ultimate destiny assignment. Joseph needed his experiences to be prepared for the palace.

7. Process brings - you to a place of submission to God
A. God hears the prayers of those who are submitted to Him. If your prayers are being hindered, check yourself. How is your relationship with God?
Heb.5:7 NIV "During the days of Jesus' life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission."

B. If giving of the tithe and offerings to the Kingdom is a problem for you, you haven’t submitted yourself to God.
2 Cor.9:13 ESV "By their approval of this service, they will glorify God because of your submission that comes from your confession of the gospel of Christ, and the generosity of your contribution for them and for all others” 

C. There is no such thing as partial obedience or compromising what God told you to do. You are either submitted to Him, or your not.
1 Sam.15:22 NLT "But Samuel replied, "What is more pleasing to the LORD: your burnt offerings and sacrifices or your obedience to his voice? Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission is better than offering the fat of rams."

D. Submission just means that you are coming under God’s mission. You are no longer the focus, but you put what God wants first in your life. When you are truly submitted to God, the enemy has no place or opening in your life.
Jas.4:7 " Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

E. Some people are unable to go through the process because they stay in the flesh.
Rom.8:7 NIV "The mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God; it does not submit to God's law, nor can it do so.

James 4:1-3 "What leads to strife (discord and feuds) and how do conflicts (quarrels and fightings) originate among you? Do they not arise from your sensual desires that are ever warring in your bodily members? You are jealous and covet [what others have] and your desires go unfulfilled; [so] you become murderers. [To hate is to murder as far as your hearts are concerned.] You burn with envy and anger and are not able to obtain [the gratification, the contentment, and the happiness that you seek], so you fight and war. You do not have, because you do not ask. [Or] you do ask [God for them] and yet fail to receive, because you ask with wrong purpose and evil, selfish motives. Your intention is [when you get what you desire] to spend it in sensual pleasures."


1. Are you willing to move if God tells you to?

2. Are you submitted to God in every area of your life?

3. Do you compromise when God tells you to do something?

4. Is your spirit in control or is your flesh?
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