This is September 2014 Queen's Monthly Mentoring

September 2014

Queen's Monthly Mentoring

Being Delivered From A Religious Mindset pt.4

For the past three months, we have seen what we can do to be delivered from a religious mindset. Now we are going to look at some of the things Jesus went through dealing with religious people.

If you have ever questioned whether or not you are influenced, controlled or oppressed by religious people, hopefully these examples of issues Jesus dealt with in His days here on earth will help you to see what you are dealing with now.

These are some of the issues that Jesus dealt with regarding the religious people of that day, the Pharisees and Sadducees:
  • If you don't do what we do. When people are religious, they don't understand when you don't operate like they do.
    • Mark 2:18; Acts 15:1-31
  • Becoming envious over what other people say about you. You can't control what people say or think about you, but you can control how you respond .
    • John 7:31-32
  • Getting upset because you don't keep their traditions. Don't get upset when people judge your relationship with the Lord because you don't keep traditions. Religion and relationship are two totally different things.
    • John 9:16; Mark 7:5
  • Whenever things are done religiously that don't fulfill God's original and ultimate purpose, then you know it is a tradition of men.
    • 2 Timothy 3:5
  • When people look for ways to discredit you. Religious people are very territorial. When you bring the truth of the Word of God , it threatens them.
    • Mark 12:13
  • When people listen to your teaching not to learn, but to test you.
    • Mark 8:11; 10:2
  • Be careful not to get sucked into religious traditional thinking. 
    • Mark 8:15; Matthew 16:6, 12
  • Religious people are always looking for a sign.
    • Matthew 16:1

I hope that this series of lessons on being delivered from a religious mindset has been a blessing and helpful. So many people are either bound, stuck or oppressed by religion and I desire to see people walk in the liberty Jesus came to bring them. Until next month, be blessed.

Co-Pastor Gena

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Are you willing to be like Jesus and stand up for what God's Word says in opposition to established systems of religion?

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