Introducing Authentic Eros with Ruby May and Kai Erhardt, Berlin, September 4 - 6, 2015.

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Greetings dear ones,

I'm currently writing to you from the Czech Republic, where I am assisting my friend John Hawken on his workshop 'Theatre & Tantra'. I became quite fascinated by ritual theatre in the last year and through doing some reading, came across the term 'self-cultivation', which means that rather than being focused on 'healing', we go into experiences in order to access, integrate and enjoy all the different facets of who we are, in order to live in greater fulfilment (and healing often happens along the way). I realise this is really the essence of my work!

Often we think of healing having to involve 'therapy' or confronting ourselves with our pain. But I see again and again how healing often just happens when we create a safe container and there is permission for playfulness and joy.

It feels like life involves having a foot in both worlds - the physical world where we honour that we are messy humans, wounded and fragile, here to sift through our stories and heal.... and the non-physical or spiritual world, where we carry with us the knowledge that we are infinite and whole, here to consciously create and play and love...

Lift your foot and stand in only one of these worlds too long and you'll get in trouble!

Stay only in the physical plane and you could be ninety and still talking about childhood trauma with your therapist, stuck in never-ending stories. Stay only in the spiritual plane and run the risk of spiritual bypassing, ignoring issues that simply have to be dealt with.

I love being in spaces that honour this duality and realise I feel less and less comfortable being in spaces where all the focus is thinking of ourselves as damaged individuals in need of healing. I feel this actually prevents us from healing! Sadly I see how many facilitators and spaces are a bit stuck in this paradigm.

Anyways, I'm feeling very inspired at the moment with my work that I feel embodies this 'foot in two worlds'!

This September I'm joining forces with the amazing Kai Erhardt for another introduction to Conscious Sexuality "Authentic Eros: beyond gender".

This is an opportunity to ask yourself some really good questions about intimacy, relationships and sexuality and also to see the bigger picture of sexuality - exploring 'eros' as life source connected to everything. An opportunity to see how when we go down the rabbit hole of putting our sexuality under the microscope, everything else changes too! We learn to rediscover our playfulness and create more pleasure in every day life. We cultivate our ability to communicate honestly and from the heart. To give and receive deeply. To be in an intimate relationship with ourselves and the world around us. To feel our humanness and what lies beyond. The list goes on infinitely it feels!

It's the perfect workshop for people who are making their first steps into this world of conscious sexuality, who have very little workshop experience, and those more experienced who want to deepen and expand. It usually attracts a very diverse group of people of all different ages, genders and walks of life, from all over the world.

If your curiosity has been piqued, click here.


There's only a handful of spaces left now for Elsewhere, an immersion into the world of play, connection and self-expression, happening in Spain this August, so get in there if you want to join us! I think it will be a truly extra-ordinary experience!

Also, there's still spots for Tuned in & Turned on happening on the 22nd - 24th of July of August in Berlin, if you identify as a women (trans women welcome too). Join us for a sumptuous feast of a weekend that will support you in really stepping into your power and shining your gifts into the world! Dance, ritual, bodywork, sacred cacao, exploring erotic archetypes, costume and circle wisdom.


That's all from me for now... Lots of love to you all, and wishing you many blessings as we approach the summer Solstice,

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