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My husband and I came across these interesting dog paw prints on a XC ski trail up in Jackson, NH this past month. As I studied them, I couldn’t help but reflect back to the many doggies and their various gait patterns we study in our HNHPT clinic. To me, analyzing this dog’s gait pattern tells me this dog is dragging his hind limbs. Why would this be the case? Well, any dog that has hind limb weakness, knee and hip inflexibility, arthritis, or even a neurological condition could struggle with lifting up their hind limbs enough to clear a full stride. If they can’t flex their limb, they often swing it out to the side slightly into what we call an abduction gait or circumducting gait. If you are seeing your dog’s tracks in the snow look like this, you may want to consider bringing them in to see us. Our progressive Hind End Strengthening Program makes a big difference for many dogs struggling with hind end pathologies.                                                                        -- Jennifer Brooks, PT, MEd, CERP, CCRP

We love when our clients check back in after bringing their pets to us for care. Here is a wonderful story of THOR (click here to read) who came to us not able to walk on his rear paw. Warms our heart to see him playing hard and enjoying life again!

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Jennifer Brooks PT, CERP, CCRP will give a 90-minute presentation and demonstration at the upcoming New England Federation of Humane Society's Conference at the Nashua Radisson on Monday, April 11, 9-30-11:00am.

The Symposium on Therapeutic Advances in Animal Rehabilitation (STAAR) is a unique boutique conference that provides continuing interactive, practical education for animal rehabilitation professionals, is being held
April 14-19 in New Jersey.

Jennifer Brooks PT, CERP, CCRP was a presenter at last year's STARR conference, the first year STARR ran an Equine Track. This year Jennifer is happy to be an attendant, rather than presenter, and is especially looking forward to attending Advanced Manual Therapy for the Canine Spine instructed by Laurie Edge Hughes [photo below] who is a gifted Canadian phisiotherapist and well-known leader in the field of animal physical therapy. Jennifer will be away from HnHPT Cinic for this attendance April 15-20th.

Laurie Edge-Hughes
BScPT, MAnimSt(Animal Physio),CAFCI, CCRT

Wednesday Evenings ~ 7:00-8:00 pm
Looking for something to do this Friday night?
Come to the Pet Fair - Friday, March 4th, 7-9pm
Paw Prints Indoor Dog Park
171 Merrimac St, Woburn, Massachusetts 01801
Proceeds to support Tracking 4 Paws (read more below).
March 9:  
Heads Up:
Our March 9th speaker has regrettably withdrawn her presentation, â€œBrain Games”. IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE? WHO MAY BE QUALIFIED TO SPEAK TO THIS MUCH AWAITED TOPIC, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We had many interested dog owners looking forward to this presentation.
April 6: Tracking 4 Paws
Chris Cronin & Linda Roberts started this charity: Tracking 4 Paws in early 2015. Working for himself as a financial adviser since 2006 (White Mountain Wealth) has given him the flexibility to follow his true passion and rescue dogs. "Growing up as a child, and to this day I have never owned a dog that was not rescued. Tracking 4 Paws is run by myself and numerous other volunteers. We run 100% off of donations and never charge a fee. Donations are voluntary and help cover some of our expenses such as traps, cameras, batteries, flashlights, bait, dog supplies, etc. We do this on our own time because it is a true passion to save as many dogs as possible. "  

Please come to learn more about Tracking 4 Paws, how dogs are trained at tracking and see a live demonstration!
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May 11:
Canine Massage by Christine Parker, VT, LMT
Our very own Chris will explain the multiple benefits of massage and demonstrate how to massage your dog. (see more below)  Come learn from the best how to give your healthy or injured dog the benefits of massage. We are looking for 3 dogs.
If you are interested in bringing your dog, you MUST CALL AHEAD for screening. 603-465-3693

Animal Communication Workshop
Karen Wessling 
Saturday, April 16, at 2pm
Workshop located at:
92 Route 129, Loudon, NH

For more informaion, please contact Karen at nhheartwhisperer.com
(not sponsored by HnHPT)

Pet of the Month:

(with Mom, Marilyn)

I first brought Izzie to HnHPT about 1 year ago due to severe Hip Dysplasia.  At the time, she could barely walk for 5 minutes.  The doctors were surprised she could walk at all, from the look of the x-rays.
My original intent was to bring her to HnHPT to strengthen her muscles so she could undergo a full hip replacement. After a few months of working on the hydro-treadmill along with laser treatments, she regained much of her strength.   Given her progress, I decided to continue her treatment with HnHPT and not put her through the pain and suffering of surgery. 
With the help of Jen, Chris and Lori, Izzie is always excited about going to her sessions at HnHPT, and has made tremendous progress.  Today, she is back on the trails walking anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.  My vet [Dr. Masuma Barrett] is extremely pleased with her condition, and I am totally amazed!  This could not have happened if it wasn’t for HnHPT.  
Unfortunately, Hip Dysplasia is a disease that cannot be cured without surgery.  I am so grateful to HnHPT for all the love and excellent care they have given Izzie over the past year to help manage her condition.  Without their care, Izzie would not walking today. 

THANK YOU HnHPT!!!                                               -- Marilyn and Izzie Mitchell


Marilyn also runs a Pet Sitting Service, 
Cruz'n Pets, www.cruznpets.com, 603.345.2524

Denver enjoying his Geriatric Massage with heated stone therapy.
Photo courtesy of his Dad, Tracy.

Massage Therapy

Chris Parker, VT, LMT, offers Sports, Geriatric, Target Point and C-Stone massage for your pet. As in humans, massage proves beneficial in reducing inflammation, pain and muscle spasms, decreasing anxiety and increasing circulation. A combination of massage, stretching and hot stones has multiple benefits, such as mobility, flexibility, lengthens and relaxes tight muscles and reduces trigger points, all of which promote overall well-being and improved performance.

Other Services/Therapies
MINI ASSESSMENTS (30-minute, $50 well-checks)


Hunter enjoys Laser Therapy on his arthritic stifles (knees).


288 South Merrimack Road
Hollis, New Hampshire 03049


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