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*Peruvian Paso Mare Needs a Home*
Edition Especial, Eddie, a 23 year old  Peruvian Paso mare needs a home. She is calm, loving and would make a great companion horse; currently in MA.
Please contact Dawn Tessier for more information: 508-320-4389.

Wednesday Evenings ~ 7:00-8:00 pm

for this Wednesday's Evening Series
February 17:
Equine Nutrition
presented by Andrew Beals of Poulin Grain and sponsored by Orde Farm
Sharing his lifelong experience with horses, breeding and foaling, in addition to his education in agriculture, Andrew knows the importance of nutrition and wants to share it with you: nutrition for the senior horse, sugars, starches, forage feeding in dropping temps. 
(Snowdate: to be anounced if necessary)
Heads Up: Our March 9th speaker has regrettably withdrawn her presentation, due to conflicts, Therefore, “Brain Games” on March 9th has been cancelled.
Please stay tuned for further programming…
April 6:
Tracking 4 Paws

Learn more about how this non-profit organization works to find lost dogs and pets local to this area.

Pet of the Month:

(with Dad, Keith Testa)


Cooper is an 8-year old Beagle mix we acquired as a puppy. In December of 2014, he suffered a ruptured disc in his spine and lost movement in his two hind legs. We rushed him to emergency surgery at the Maine Veterinary Medical Center, which was successful, and through exercises performed at home, he slowly regained fair use of his hind legs. But when he started to regress a little bit five months after surgery, we were referred by his surgeon to go for intensive physical therapy at Horse 'N Hound PT to build muscle strength, improve coordination, balance and endurance in his hind legs.

Cooper has progressed quite a long way since the start of physical therapy at HNHPT, and can now go on regular leash walks without assistance. Because his stability & function can fluctuate from week to week, we have found that keeping him on a weekly â€œmaintenance" PT treatment session of underwater treadmill and balance exercises helps maintain his level of independence and allow him to safely return to his favorite activities of daily living. His favorite hobbies are smelling everything on the planet during his daily walks and getting tons of treats from the staff at Horse 'N Hound (Chris is his favorite!).

-Keith Testa

Do YOU have a favorite pet
currently at HNHPT that you would like us to consider for "Pet of the Month" and share your success story?
Please send photo and short story to:  imac@hnhpt.com
Our Field ~ Dog Walking Membership

Announcing open membership for our HNHPT Dog Walking Membership. The field out behind our clinic is 10 acres. We know many of our clients and dog owners around the great Nashua area, have trouble finding open spaces to walk their dogs. We would like to invite dog owners and past clients to be able to enjoy walking their dogs on this vast open space starting this winter/ spring. We are also willing to work with Dog Clubs to rent this space for Agility practices, Shutzhund, Field Retrieving etc, so please pass this information on to any clubs you think may be interested. Thank you. Hope to see you out in that field soon. Call 465-4444 to learn more. 

Laser Therapy

Is your animal troubled with arthritis and difficulty moving? Research shows that regular gentle exercise is the most significant treatment for decreasing arthritis pain, along with pain management. Consider coming to visit us for instruction of exercises addressing flexibility and strengthening that YOU can do at HOME with your pet to keep them moving longer and more comfortably. 

Also consider the benefits of what LASER THERAPY can do to decrease pain, especially if you wish NOT to use medications for PAIN CONTROL. 

for home use.


Mini Assessments

HnHPT offers a 30 minute "preventative" check up (charge of $50) for your pet with Jennifer Brooks PT, to identify any areas of movement limitations or musculature-skeletal deficit that pet owners can work on at home or through PT, to limit future injury or progressive arthritic conditions. 

These 30 minute sessions will address a quick assessment of strength, mobility and flexibility, with suggestions and education of what YOU can do to address any further deficits arising with your beloved family companion to keep them aging well into the future, and answer any questions you may have. 
Congratulations to Henry, who graduated HnHPT this month! 


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