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We are running a 
10% off Holiday Services Sale
now through Jan 15th, 2016.
Buy your packages now!


Holiday Gift Cards
available for your favorite pet owner!


* Holiday Gift Sale *

Gifts for you to give others, or for your own dog! In honor of our new site opening ~and the holidays~ we want to pass savings on to you. Great for fun, healthy gifts in stockings and under the tree.

Winter months make it harder to keep your dog in shape. Consider the following for at-home exercise equipment:

FitPAWS inventory of:  22” Balance Discs at $50 (reg $56)
FitPAWS Target sets of 4 @ $15 (normally $20)
FitPAWS Harnesses (variety of size and costs)
Variety of Booties for foot protection, frost bite, ice cuts and grip.


Winter brings more arthritic pain; 
don’t forget the
value of
Laser Therapy and Underwater Treadmill

workouts at 86 degrees. 




Meet Our Newest Employees:
Katie Pothier 
Rehab Technician

Katie went to UNH where she studied Biomedical Science
and she enjoys spending time with her puppy, Willow.
(Pictured with clients, Koa & Selina)
Kelly Callahan 
Front Office/Marketing

Kelly has been in Hollis for the last 14 years raising her children,
following a decade-long career in Advertising in NYC.

(Pictured with friend, Maisy)



 Coming soon - check website for details

  • Equine Nutrition
  • Boredom Brain Teasers
  • Tracking Four Paws


Horse ’n Hound Physical Therapy is reaching out to local shelters and veterinary facilities this year to give away a Physical Therapy Evaluation with 3 sessions of Physical Therapy, to a very needy animal.  If you are a shelter or veterinary facility and have an animal for us to consider, please email info@hnhpt.com with this included information: animal breed, age, name, mobility problem, veterinary diagnosis, how long has this problem has been present, location of animal, handling tolerance, and any other health/physical/behavioral problems or conditions the animal may have.
These questions must be answered in order to qualify.


Pet of the Month:

(Jen & JW's)
Pictured: Abby showing off her flexible hips, in DOWNWARD DOG.

Laser Therapy

Is your animal troubled with arthritis and difficulty moving? Research shows that regular gentle exercise is the most significant treatment for decreasing arthritis pain, along with pain management. Consider coming to visit us for instruction of exercises addressing flexibility and strengthening that YOU can do at HOME with your pet to keep them moving longer and more comfortably. 

Also consider the benefits of what LASER THERAPY can do to decrease pain, especially if you wish NOT to use medications for PAIN CONTROL. 

We RENT LASERS for home use. 

Mini Assessments
HNHPT is offering 30 minute "preventative" check up (charge of $50) for your pet with Jennifer Brooks PT, to identify any areas of movement 
limitations or musculature-skeletal deficit that pet owners can work on at home or through PT, to limit future injury or progressive arthritic conditions. 

These 30 minute sessions will address a quick assessment of strength, mobility and flexibility, with suggestions and education of what YOU can do to address any further deficits arising with your beloved family companion to keep them aging well into the future, and answer any questions you may have. 

Hunter receiving his cold laser treatments.


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