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Welcome to the April edition of Debt  Recoveries Australia Newsletter!

The year is racing, Easter is around the corner and before we know it the end of financial year will be upon us all. We’re all working harder than ever – so here are some hints & bits of information to help you in increase recoveries, and some goings on at Debt Recoveries Australia.

Finding it hard to recover on certain claims?
Debt Recoveries Australia has had success with recovering money from insurers where claims have been denied or insured parties have not even lodged a claim.

Claims not lodged - Section 51

There are times where an insured lodges a claim, and has all intentions to pay their excess but does not. There are also times when cover is provided by an insurance policy at the time of an incident but no claim is lodged. Under certain circumstances where the insured cannot be located but the insurer is confirmed Debt Recoveries Australia has successfully been able to recover outstanding monies less the applicable excess.

Claims refused by an insurer - Section 54

There are times when an insurer may have denied a claim for a reason that may seem reasonable to all parties involved, but we are still able to recover from them. An example could be if:
“John was driving within the speed limit and was hit in the rear by Stan. John’s car had unroadworthy tyres, and as a result of that his insurer denied his claim. The fact that his tyres were unroadworthy did not contribute to the accident, and therefore he should be covered by his insurer under section 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act.”
Debt Recoveries Australia has successfully recovered thousands of dollars from insurers in such cases. Give us a call or email us at  if you have any such claims where we can help you recover money back for your claims budget.

Rachael Oakley joins Debt Recoveries Australia

We welcome Rachael, another very experienced collector to the Debt Recoveries Australia family. Rachael has worked within the recoveries and liabilities industry for the last five years and managed portfolios from within Australia and New Zealand. She has direct experience working within recoveries as well as litigation, workers compensation and personal liabilities experience. She has also successfully completed a Bachelor of Criminal Justice Studies majoring in both Law and Sociology. Rachael joins Debt Recoveries Australia to further expand her skills and knowledge within the recoveries area.
Interests: Photography, reading, learning about other cultures
Quote: “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour” – Truman Capote
End of Financial Year FREE Closed File Audits

It’s almost the end of the financial year, a great time to look at boosting recoveries on closed or abandoned files. This can be attributed to overlooked information, miscoded claims, data entry errors or judgements with no pursuits. This means that sometimes potential recoveries are closed or pushed aside and forgotten about. But this does not mean the recovery is lost, only put aside for later. At Debt Recoveries Australia we can assist with this claims leakage through our use of closed file audits. Our audits have a higher success rate because of our attention to detail, access to databases and experience in commercial and insurance claims.
As always, all recoveries are uploaded to our online system, meaning you can review them at any time. So call Debt Recoveries Australia on 1300 799 511 in order to book a closed file review, or book via email at 

Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance Awards

Debt Recoveries Australia will be participating in the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance Awards this year. We are aiming for top spot in the Insurance Services sector, and thank all our clients & suppliers for nominating us. More info on the awards can be found by visiting their website

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