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Mobilising all stakeholders

The call from the Ecuadorian industry for cooperation between leading exporters and their governments to resurrect the Union of Banana Exporting Countries and the commitment from small producers' organisations to coordinate across continents are initiatives that will clearly strengthen the Forum's future role. But the key to further success will be the commitment of those already at the table and our ability to mobilise others whose contribution is vital to the Forum's agenda for change. 
The active participation in this second global conference of Consumers International, Compagnie Fruitière in West Africa and national companies from South America was welcomed by all. The task of mobilising more retailers, other producer country governments and the shipping companies, which is now firmly on the international Steering Committee's agenda, is one of the challenges ahead. 

The World Banana Forum is well and truly in motion; the agenda is clear. Let's all work to ensure that this early promise translates into results for all. 
Photo: Dole Ecuador and Dale Foundation management, with Megabanana trade union committee chair and Fenacle general secretary at the Latin American trade union conference, shortly after the signing of the first collective agreement in a Dole­-Ubesa banana plantation in July 2011, by Alistair Smith/Banana Link

1. Introduction
2. Working Group 01: Sustainable Banana Production and Trade
3. Working Group 02: Distribution of Value 
4. Working Group 03: Labour Rights
5. Chiquita’s steps towards gender equality
6. Consumers are a key stakeholder
7. Small farmers show the way: mobilising all stakeholders

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