Coast Guard Art Sale

Naval Institute Heritage Group is proud to offer a 30% discount to members on fine art during the month of August in appreciation of the U.S. Coast Guard. Choose from three beautiful limited edition prints.

An American Eagle portrays the USCGC Eagle under sail. This print was created exclusively for us by artist Tom W. Freeman & is only available through the Naval Institute. The original resides at the Naval Institute, and this is the initial offering of limited edition prints.
First Shot, also by popular artist Tom W. Freeman, depicts the ‘first naval shot’ fired during the civil war by the revenue cutter Harriet Lane when the SS Nashville tried to run into Charleston Harbor.
Rescue at Cardenas shows the artist’s representation of the revenue cutter Hudson towing the U.S.S. Winslow out of Cardenas Bay, Cuba on May 11, 1898.


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