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Happy Holidays from Santa Cruz Guitar Company!

We hope this December newsletter finds you getting ready for a wonderful holiday season with family, friends and guitars! We are grateful for a phenomenal year and look forward to everything we have planned for 2013. Below is some exciting news that we wanted to share with you all before announcing it to the general public.

New Model: OM Grand

We are extremely excited to introduce a brand new model that will be debuted at the 2013 winter NAMM show. The OM Grand is a bigger, lusher, louder sister to our extremely popular OM Model, only in increased quantity of volume, projection and bass.  More isn’t necessarily better, though in the context of a band’s competing acoustic instruments the ‘more’ of the OM Grand assures the guitar's rightful dominance in the ensemble.
The strength of the OM Grand isn’t limited to sheer volume. In the sometimes restrained presence of solo fingerstyle playing, the inherent power of this guitar will generate a forceful bloom, requiring less effort with no loss of nuance. The best available tone woods are selected, voiced and tuned, as on all SCGC models. These include Indian Rosewood, responsibly harvested from the highest quality timbers, Sitka Spruce from British Colombia and premium Forest Stewardship Council Certified  Mahogany from sustainable resources. Inspiration for this new model came from our good friend and dealer, Harry Tuft of the Denver Folklore Center. For more on this story, plus full specs and photos, click this link to our website.

The OM Grand will be on display at the NAMM show in January and is available for ordering immediately through your local SCGC dealer. Acoustic Guitar Magazine will be conducting a review of the guitar early in the new year and holding a contest for one lucky AGM reader to win their very own SCGC OM Grand. Please check with Acoustic Guitar Magazine for all details involved with the contest. Feel free to email or call us at the shop to see who will have an OM Grand in stock early in the new year, or if you'd like us to get you in touch with a store that can order one for you.

New Duds!

We're very excited to announce the arrival of our new tee shirts! Made by Farm Fresh Clothing Co. in Graton, CA, these new shirts feel 'like butter' according to SCGC signature artist, Eric Skye. Made with 100% organic cotton and water based inks, these shirts are designed, made and printed in the good ol' U.S. of A. Featuring a hand drawn version of our script Santa Cruz Guitar Company logo, as well as 'Made in Calif' and 'Est. in 1976', these shirts will be a welcome addition to any guitar player's wardrobe. And the ladies in the SCGC office are pleased to announce that they come in women's scoop neck as well! Available in two colors, pine and gunpowder, men's sizes S-XXL and women's XS-XL. Shirts can be purchased through this link, and can be shipped in time for the holidays!

Get Stuck on SCGC
We also have new vinyl stickers available for sale! Stick one on the back window of your car and show your support for hand made acoustics. Available in a cream color, the sticker is just the logo (no backing) and is easy to apply to any window or hard surface... great for guitar cases, notebooks and travel mugs too. Please note that the stickers are removable once applied, but not reusable. At $5 with free shipping included, these stickers make for a great stocking stuffer. Richard just put one on his beloved '59 Chevy Apache! The stickers will be available on the website next week, and if you need to order one sooner, simply give us a call at 831-425-0999.

Don't forget our other accessories available for sale, such as fleece jackets, hoodies, Christmas oranments, suede and leather guitar straps and baseball caps, to name a few... get yours now while holiday season supplies last!

NAMM Sneak Peak

This year's NAMM show in Anaheim will take place Jan 24th - 27th and we have some exciting announcements. 2013's show will mark the debut of our new OM Grand Model, but that's just the beginning. Like last year, we will once again focus our NAMM efforts on treasuring your local guitar shop, featuring guitars that were ordered by a selection of our valued dealers. We will showcase some new wood options, including Dalbergia Spruceana. Coming from the same family as Brazilian Rosewood, Spruceana is big and bold with a powerful and clear tone. It is articulate, but not bright, and makes a great pairing with Sitka Spruce. In addition to it's fantastic tonal qualities, Spruceana is not as rare as Brazilian Rosewood, and therefore comes with a lower price tag. It is responsibly procured from old growth, downed trees up to a century old.  We will also be featuring some vintage Indian Rosewood Richard recently acquired that is around 50 years old. Quantities of both these new, old-growth tone woods are limited, so please contact your dealer soon if you would like to reserve a set for 2013.

At the show, we will also introduce our new customization ordering program that will make it easier to understand all the options available to you and the associated charges. We are the only manufacturer of our size that offers close to 100 different custom options for your one-of-a-kind guitar, and this new program will make the process as clear and simple as possible. If you plan to be in Anaheim for the show, please stop by booth 1700 to check everything out!

Guitar Note Feature Article

We were thrilled to be contacted by the good folks The Guitar Note to be featured in their second issue. This new guitar magazine is extremely well done, and we think they'll be a welcome addition to the guitar playing community. They visited us last spring to interview Richard and film a walking tour through the shop. The result is a wonderfully insightful article on our small Santa Cruz shop, including detailed videos of the build process and Richard's philosophies on guitar making. If you have yet to swing by Santa Cruz and take a tour, this is an excellent way to see the inside of the shop and get a feel for what we do here. It's a great read, we hope you find time to check it out on our website. A big thanks to Matt and P.T. for this great opportunity.

Meet the Dealers

We here at Santa Cruz Guitar Company believe the entire guitar procurement process should be a rewarding, enjoyable experience. We have a wonderful relationship with all of our dealers, and have worked hard over the years to make sure that each shop is a great fit for selling Santa Cruz guitars. To better serve you in finding your local SCGC dealer, we have revamped the dealer page on our website. Now you can simply enter in your address, state or zip code, and see which of our dealers is closest to you. But that's not all! Our dealers are more to us than just a website and contact information, so we wanted to share with you all the reasons we value them. When you click on each individual dealer, you'll be taken to a page with the store's history, fun facts, biography and photos. As we've said before, your local guitar shop is a treasure, and we thank you for supporting small, independent guitar shops that are vital to the Santa Cruz Guitar Company family.

A Tribute to Bruce McGuire

Bruce R. McGuire 1948-2012
Civic treasure, beloved dad and inspiration of the Santa Cruz Style of Lutherie

Bruce McGuire was my pal. He was my mentor. He was an exceptionally good man. In 1972 my beloved Martin Guitar was stolen. The only good from that was the 1965 Epiphone Texan I found to replace it, and Bruce McGuire, who I found to finance it. As the manager of a storefront consumer loan outfit, Bruce took my application for the $250 shortfall with the offhanded comment that he liked guitars as well; in fact he made them and produced a newspaper clipping to prove it.

I had harbored this expectation of making my own guitar for years and being at that station in life where I expected everything to play out as I willed it, I asked Bruce what night of the week was best for him to teach me how to make guitars. Between questions on my creditworthiness, he said Wednesdays.  And so it was.

Now this story is about Bruce and not me. Most people reading this know something about what I’ve done to add or detract from Bruce’s guitar making legacy. What most of you don’t know is the impact of Bruce’s character on the worldwide community of contemporary guitar makers.

A couple of immediate lessons were imprinted on me in our first sessions.

My bringing beer as a tribute wasn’t received in the spirit that I intended. This for two reasons; first it was inappropriate, but more important it was unnecessary.  Most guitar makers are able to learn about the downside of beer in the workshop through their own trial and error. It is the unnecessary nature of payment upfront that was the important part of the message Bruce taught me the first day at his workbench.

In response to my awkward attempt to pay him for my lessons he told me that the only thing he wanted in return was for me to pass on his knowledge in the same spirit that I received it; willingly and without an expectation of payback.  My memory is very clear on what he told me; “You always get more than you give, Do your best. It works every time”.  So I did and it does.

40 years later, and nearly to the day, over 100 new guitar makers have gone through our shop or studied the Santa Cruz style,  Bruce’s legacy, in workshops and seminars around  the globe. They make the best guitars of the utmost integrity in the world today.  They practice their art in India, Germany, South Africa, France, Canada, Japan, Spain, The Netherlands and Santa Cruz, California. They have sparked a renaissance of interest among young people and retirees and they have influenced every major brand and inspired a completely new genre of boutique guitar builders.

The world has enjoyed a genuine blossoming of refinement and quality of the guitar maker’s art over the last several decades. The blame goes to the explosion of information and technique once protected by secretive guilds and now shared openly among competing businesses with outputs from 1 guitar per month to 1 million guitars per year.  You will find an important clue to the origins of this profound change of heart published in current college text books on quality control and manufacturing ethics. You’ll read it in the mission statements of the largest musical instrument makers. And almost to a word in an award to Bruce McGuire’s most grateful student from the American Society of Quality Assurance Professionals; “You always get more than you give. Do your best.  It works every time

My eternal gratitude to Bruce for his unselfish gift of my livelihood. On behalf of the thousands of guitar makers who may never know his name, though are inspired by his legacy and philosophy of giving: You did good brother, your voice is heard every time our guitars are played. - Richard Hoover, Santa Cruz Guitar Co., December 2012

Thank you all for your continued support. We wish you and yours and happy, healthy holiday season and hope to see many of you in Santa Cruz in 2013. As always, don't hesitate to contact us if you ever have any questions about our guitars.
- The 20 of us at The Santa Cruz Guitar Company

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