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Welcome to 2020!
   January 2020 is a power month and sets the stage for what’s to come, not just for the year ahead but the decade ahead too. The theme of the month is spiritual awakening and this was kick started with a potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 10th in the sign of Cancer. To learn more please CLICK HERE
Natal Chart Consultation
   A Natal Birth Chart consultation is a key to unlocking your potential and the gifts you have been given. It identifies clear timing and direction as only "the Souls Road Map" can provide. Use this reading to more clearly define where your spiritual growth is guiding you and examine what is happening now as well as the timing for  the upcoming year. CLICK HERE to visit Pam's online store for more details

Gary's Flash Sale!
This weekend only - Thai Massage, Reflexology, Cupping services & more on sale now CLICK FOR DETAILS
Astrology for this Month
Monthly Horoscope Overview
Planetary Overview: Major Astrological Aspects
Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast
- Jan 17th:
This Weekend Only
Ends Sunday!!

- Jan 18th:
Winnie the Pooh Day

- Jan 20th:
MLK day 
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We Recommend:

1. State of Mind:
The Psychology of Control

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2. Hellier: Cincinnati Based Paranormal investigators series
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"You are not your cart, nor are you the horse pulling it. You are the knower of both and the identity of neither."

~ Wu Hsin
*born during the Warring
States Period (403-221 BCE)


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