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The Heat is On!
It's been a sticky summer and fall relief is just around the corner. As we wind down our summer break be sure to catch the Sturgeon Full Moon as well as the Midwest School of Astrology's Open House, both happening this month (links to the right). The open house is great for those who are thinking about enrolling in classes. So stop by and meet Pam and Mindy and see what the school is all about! We hope you all are having a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you soon!
There are many nutrients that are essential for good health in the human body.  But there are 2 nutrients that are more commonly deficient in the U.S.
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For Pam Gallagher: CLICK HERE to learn about the types of consultations she offers

For Gary Hopkins:
CLICK HERE to learn more about the type of consultations he offers.
- Aug 1st:
Gary's Online
Special Offer

- Aug 18th:
Full Sturgeon Moon

- Aug 24th:
Summer Class: Open to all MWSA Students

- Aug 28th:
MWSA Open House

- Aug 30th:
Mercury Retrograde

"There are liberated beings even among worms and insects; and there are stupid fools among the gods. The self is in all; it exists as the all everywhere at all times and in all ways."

~ Yoga Vasistha


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