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Victory of Light Festival!
Just a quick note that Pam will be speaking again this year at the V.O.L. She is scheduled in room 110 on Saturday Nov 21st at 2pm. The topic this year will be - Astrology Forecast for the Next 6 Months: What’s up with this Crazy Energy! So, please come out and help support Pam and all the wonderful metaphysical vendors this year, it's sure to be lots of fun!
I've never met a Chiropractor that I didn't like. In fact, I used to go to a couple of them regularly and they saved my hide more than once. However, once I taught myself a couple of easy tricks I realized that I didn't need them any longer. To learn how I did this CLICK HERE.

Moment-by-moment, we create the world in the mind. We can look out and create a gloomy, depressing world on any day by the condition of mind we bring to it. A depressed mind can make a bright, sunshiny day black and dreary, and a contented mind can create heaven out of rain and storm. I am reminded of the old Zen saying, "Every day is a good day." What determines this? The mind that dwells nowhere; the mind that accepts everything. This is nirvana.

~ Nonin Chowaney

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