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Pam's Summer Party & Open House
  Just a quick reminder for those interested in studying astrology, the MWSA will be having their annual summer party & open house scheduled for Sunday August 21st. Pam will speak @ 4:00 pm on where the energy is and will be recorded as an Astrological Energy of the Times. Come and meet Pam and Mindy and have a great time while learning more about astrology and what it can do for you!

How to Bullet Proof your Emotions
 Would you like to change your mindset to thrive in chaos? Change is constant, to have fear of those things that you can't control can negatively affect your health. However, there are many things that you CAN control to positively affect your health & life! Join Dr. Bergman HERE to learn more!

“Perception controls the environment but not all of our perceptions are accurate”

~ Bruce Lipton


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