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Congratulations to the Midwest School of Astrology Graduating Class of 2016!
We are excited to announce that our level 3 students have successfully completed the MWSA's 3 year curriculum. Our distinguished list of Graduates are:
Linda ReifinDenise ClarkMarquita Howard, Lisa Benton, and Steve Eastham.

Congratulations to our graduating Class of 2016! Congratulations on a Job well done! Graduation pictures will be posted HERE on the schools website soon, please stay tuned!

"At first it may seem like a lot to take in - to be in charge of your life, because we are so used to believing that we are at the whim of things. We’ve never been at the whim of things. This has always been your creation, 100% of the time. To re embody that position it may take some time, it may take some practice and that’s all right, but start today, start yesterday, start now."

~ Bentinho Massaro

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