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As some of you already know, the Lightpath Discovery Center is a new entity.  We are small community comprised of several holistic practitioners as well as The Midwest School of Astrology.  As you have noticed, each memeber of the center and the school has their own websites and subsequent mailing lists and newsletters.  Over the next few months we will be refining our communications to come from one source  - The Lightpath Discovery Center.   This will include news for all the practitioners and our school about once a month.  For new recipients, we have created sign up forms on both the School's website and the Center's website.  Links are located here:
Lightpath sign up form 
School sign up form.  They look a little different but both recieve the same newsletter, so please feel free to forward either to anyone you feel may be interested. All names and email addresses are kept private and any changes to the format will be communicated ahead of time. We look forward to keeping you as a part of our ever growing community!
Summer Time at the Center!

It is July already and our Astrology School is on Summer break, however we still have alot going through the summer months!  Our practitioners are available for sessions and we have a few seminars scheduled (as well as a few in the works!) So, be sure to click on the links of interest and scroll down for some great deals on July sessions.  We look forward to seeing you soon!
The Midwest School of Astrology and The Lighpath Discovery Center are joining forces to offer The Lightpath Meeting Room to small group of 5 to 50 people for meetings, seminars and trainings.  They realize how important it is to have access to affordable space with free parking in order to encourage and support practitioners and entrepreneurs. 

The space is conveniently located just off I-71, with ample free parking and restaurant choices. For MORE INFO CLICK HERE
Gary is offering some great specials for July - To schedule contact Gary here

His specials for July...
Hand & Foot

1 Hour - $65

Thai Bodywork
1 Hour - $75
90 Min - $90

Vibrational Tuning

1 Hour - $65

30 minute Deals!
Thai Bodywork (focuses on Hips, Back and Neck) - $45
Reflexology (Choice of Hands or Feet) - $45

**30 Minute Sessions are good for quick balancing of the body's systems. Chronic issues may require longer and/or multiple sessions

***For comparison, Gary's standard rate is $80 an hour

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