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Practitioner Spotlight!

We would like to take a moment to introduce our newest practitioner, Polly Giblin to the Lightpath Center family.  Polly is a Life Coach, Public Speaker and offers one on one coaching as well as classes and workshops.  Please check out her page (via link above) and feel free to contact her with any questions or to set up an appointment. 
Did you know that Gary offers
3 variations of Thai Reflexology? Everything from a nice foot rub to some seriously awesome reflexology! Whatever fits your needs best Gary can help, just ask. CONTACT Gary directly w/ questions.
Massage Cupping is a modern form of vacuum therapy, this simple treatment creates deep relaxation in the body while having profound detoxifying effect.
For more info
Be sure to come out to the Victory of Light festival coming up April 4th and 5th. Pam will be speaking on Sunday at 3pm on the topic: Astrology, Your Sun Sign. EVENT FLYER HERE
- Ty Bolinger:
The Cancer Apocalypse

- Health Impact News: The Adverse Effects of Statins

- The 
Carlini Institute:
How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Humans
April 4-5th:
Pam Speaks
Sunday 3pm at 
the VOL Festival

April 20th:

April 22nd:
Earth Day

April 27th:
Healing Clinic
- Dr Kelly Turner:
Radical Remissions

- Dr. Peter Glidden:
Fire your MD now

Marianne Williamson:
Spirituality and Politics
Thinking and talking about the Integral Way are not the same as practicing it. Who ever became a good rider by talking about horses? If you wish to embody the Tao, stop chattering and start practicing. Relax your body and quiet your senses. Return your mind to its original clarity. Forget about being separated from others and from the Divine Source. As you return to the Oneness, do not think of it or be in awe of it. This is just another way of separating from it. Simply merge into truth, and allow it to surround you.
~ Verse 49 - Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu
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