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March On, March On!
     March is here and is bringing alot of changes with her. The Full Worm Moon, Daylight Savings Time, The Beginning of Spring and a Solar Eclipse. Although the Eclipse will not be visible to us in the US, the multitude of new positive energy it brings will surely be felt, be certain to tune into it!  Fasten your seat belts, as this time of year generally revs up in anticipation for the change in season, and if things do get a little bumpy, just remember we are always here for support! 
Did you know that more than half of all people who buy Gift Certificates never use them?  Just a quick reminder to anyone who has an open Gift Certificate with Gary, be sure to get your money's worth and EMAIL Gary to schedule your appointment asap!
- Gregg Braden:
Tumor cured in 3 minutes

- Joe Rogan/RT:
Invisible Aliens, String Theory...

- Graham Hancock:
Good and Evil

- Gary Null:
War on Health: The FDA's Cult of Tyranny

- Dr. Wayne Jonas:
The Placebo Effect
Pam Gallagher offers a variety of types of consultations. She covers everything from Past Lives, Business Consulting, Lifetime Patterns to Relocation possibility charts.

Email or Call Pam to schedule your next appointment! 
- March 1st
Gary's March Sale

- March 5th:
Full Worm Moon

- March 8th:
DST: Spring Forward!

- March 17th:
St. Pats Day

- March 20th:
The Vernal Equinox: Spring Begins

- March 20th:
Total Solar Eclipse
For groups or parties astrology readings are a great addition to any gathering or function! For more information please email Diane with questions and scheduling requests HERE 

You are an expression of the infinite consciousness of the universe manifest in a third dimensional vibration. Nothing can influence you unless you agree to it when you realize that this is just a game: a drama to be played out. Knowing who and what you are is your greatest power. No external fight is necessary only an internal revolution can set you free. Stand in your own sovereignty.

~ Anonymous

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