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Pam Speaks @ Victory of Light
  A quick reminder that Pam is scheduled to speak this weekend at the Body, Mind, Spirit event on Saturday the 19th @ 1:00 pm (Stage 4). Be sure to stop by to see Pam & Mindy. We look forward to seeing you there!
Osteoporosis: Scurvy of the Bone
  Did you know that Osteoporosis may not be a calcium deficiency, but rather more a Vitamin C deficiency? CLICK HERE as Dr Suzanne Humphries goes into detail about this topic. 

Astrology for November
Monthly Horoscope Overview
Planetary Trends for November
Monthly Vedic Astrology Forecast

- Nov 19/20th:
Victory of Light / Body, Mind, Spirit Expo FB Link

- Nov 24th:

- Nov/Dec:
Gary's EOY Sale

TBA Coming Soon!
Check HERE for updates

"I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses."

~ Johannes Kepler


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