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Now that Mercury has gone direct we bring on the good vibes and start moving forward again! Launching new projects, signing contracts, initiating relationships and all the activities that were forbidden during Mercury Retrograde, are now safe to pursue.  We at the Lightpath Center are here to assist you in moving forward. So nourish your soul with one of our workshops, a personalized chart, or some Thai Reflexology. All are guaranteed to hit the proverbial spot. We will see you soon!
Happy feet make people Happy!  Did you know that Gary is the only Thai Reflexology practitioner in Cincinnati? His style has many benefits and is guaranteed to give your feet the proper attitude adjustment they need! Questions? Shoot him an EMAIL anytime or call direct at 513.520.9432 he is always happy to help!
This ain't no Hocus Pocus! Astrology is a serious Science of great depth and Pam is an expert.  She provides consultations tailored to your needs with over 40 years of experience in interpretation and as an adviser. Let her help you to get back on track with her skilled insight!  Feel free to EMAIL her with questions or call direct at 513.984.2293
Feb 28th-Mar 2nd:
Workshop with
Dr. Lee Lehman
Medical & Horary

March 9th:
Daylight Savings Time
Spring Forward 1 Hour!

March 17th:
St. Patrick's Day

March 20th:
The Vernal Equinox

March 23rd:
Healing Clinic

March 24th-28th:
Spring Break No classes at MWSA
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