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Victory of Light Festival
    Be sure to check out the upcoming Psychic Festival on April 11th and 12th this month (held at the Sharonville Convention Center). Pam will not be speaking this year however, The Midwest School of Astrology will have a booth and Pam will be doing mini consultations both days. CLICK HERE for event flyer online.  Be sure to come visit us as the festival is always great fun! We look forward to seeing you!
- Dr. Tennpenny:
Vaccine Safety

- Dr. Humphries:
Vaccine Safety

- Lao Tze:
Meditation for the Mind - A Lecture

- Terence McKenna:

- Gwen Olsen:
Ex-Pharma Sales rep speaks out
- Word from the well: You are not a Victim

- Wisdom Pills:
18 Essential Rules of Living

- Learning Mind:
The Physics behind Distance Healing

- Spirit Science:
Mind influences Matter

- Reset Me:
Meditation & Psychedelics
- April 1st
Gary's April Sale

- April 4th:
> Full Pink Moon
> Total Lunar Eclipse

- April 11&12th:
VOL Psychic Fest
View Flyer Here

- April 22&23rd:
Lyrids Meteor Shower

If you do not know how to relax and be satisfied with what you have, if you do not know how to appreciate the natural beauty of your environment, if you do not know how to be simple, then even if you were to possess all the money in the world you would still be miserable.

~ Lama Yeshe

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