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The New Year is Here!
     We've made it through 2014 and are looking forward to a bright and shiny New Year! Alot of heavy energy is moving on and 2015 looks to be a more positive adventure for us. So, don't give the winter blah's a chance to settle in, keep active and make the Lightpath Center a stop along the way in your local travels! We look forward to an exciting New Year with you!
-JP Star: Ultra Spiritual (funny)

-Melody Fletcher: Power of Thought

-Full Documentary:
The Spirit Molecule

-Dr. Lodi:
Healing Cancer Naturally

-Dr. Mercola:
Liposomal Vitamin C
- Jan 5th: MWSA Classes Resume

- Jan 19th:

- Jan 22nd- Feb 12th: 
Mercury Retrograde

- Jan 30th-Feb 1st: 
MWSA Weekend Workshop

It is our own aggression that hurts us. It’s not that we’re punished and sent to hell; hell is the manifestation of a vindictive mind.

~ Pema Chödrön

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