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Graduating Class of 2015!
     Pam Gallagher and the Midwest School of Astrology are excited to announce our Graduating Class of 2015! We will be Graduating our Certification Students and Honoring our Auditing students in our current Level III class on Sunday June 28th at 1pm. We will have seats for 30 guest for our ceremony. The ceremony will include several guest speakers, a formal diploma ceremony, followed by a reception. Our distinguished list of Graduates are:
Heather Gibson, Elaine Kain,
Sandy Baker, and Kathleen Miritello.

Congratulations to our upcoming graduating Class of 2015!
- June 1st
Gary's Father's Day Sale!

- June 2nd:
Strawberry Full Moon

- June 11th:
Mercury Retro Ends

- June 21st:
Father's Day

- June 21st:
Summer Solstice

- June 28th:
MWSA Graduation Class of 2015!

If everything is noted, all your emotional difficulties will disappear. When you feel happy, don't get involved in happiness. When you feel sad, don't get involved with it. Whatever comes, don't worry, just be aware of it.

~ Dipa Ma (1911-1989)

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