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A quick look into January:
January 2014 will be an alert, challenging month, full of events. Passionate, but with a lot of troubles, so - take it easy!

Venus will be retrograde all throughout January 2014. Couple relationships, collaboration, partnerships, friendships and other types of social interactions could unfold unusually, contrary to expectations.

The perception will be subjective and distorted, so it's not recommended that you make important relational decisions now. It's a good period, though, for reunions and make-ups, maybe even for starting a relationship all over again. 

In January 2014, while Venus is retrograde, the purchase of luxury or beauty items, of art objects or things that pleasure us is not recommended. Not new objects, anyway. However, it'll be a good period for purchasing old, second-hand things, antiquities, etc.   - Excerpt from
Gary's availability has changed for 2014. Now living much closer to the Center he has expanded his hours and although is still 'by appointment' he is more available for same day sessions. CLICK HERE for his new hours and call or email ahead for an appointment.
With evidence growing that training the mind or inducing certain modes of consciousness can have positive health effects, researchers have sought to understand how these practices physically affect the body....  READ MORE HERE
Jan 1st:
New Years Day

Jan TBD:
Cincinnati Healing Clinic

Jan 1st-12th:
Gary's January Deals

Jan 13th:
Midwest School of Astrology Full Schedule of Classes Resume

Jan 20th:
Martin Luther King's
- Dr. Wayne Dyer:
Effects of Thought on Physical Reality

- Sustainable Man:
The Choice

- Consciousness Living:
Natural Anti-Biotics

- Alan Watts:
The Ego Illusion

The essence of the Way is detachment. And the goal of those who practice is freedom from appearances.
~ Bodhidharma


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