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     We have survived 2012 and the latest apocalypse! Or maybe we have all made it to the other side and just don’t know it yet :) … Either way we are all embarking on our 2013 adventure together!  We at the Lightpath Discovery Center are looking forward to the year ahead as we have many wonderful things in store.  The Astrology school has many new students and the center has many events planned for the upcoming New Year.  We would also like to welcome a new holistic practitioner, Lynn Cameron to our Lightpath family.  Please stay tuned for upcoming events, practitioner specials and announcements.  We look forward to seeing you all in the new year!
For the month of January Lynn is offering an introductory rate of just $30 an hour for all of his services!  Please help us welcome Lynn to the Lightpath Center and take advantage of this opportunity to experience his work! Contact Lynn HERE for questions or to set up an appointment.
Gary's January Deal:
Compass Bio-Scan
- Initial Scan - $30
- Re-scans - $20

- Add a Scan to your
1 hr session - $20

Contact Gary HERE
to schedule

**All fees are paid in cash at time of service
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GMO Ticking Time Bomb
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