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Scorpio Season 2021!
   Scorpio Season begins on October 22/23 and brings the start of Eclipse Season. This can be a highly transformative time. To learn more about how these themes will develop as we journey through this season CLICK HERE
Becoming Your Sun Sign ...
  Still haven't read Pam's book? copies are available. You can order online or pick up a copy in person at the office - just give Mindy a call @ 513-984-2293 to arrange a time to pick up! 

Nutrition & Breast Cancer
   Be diligent throughout the year and learn what you can do to prevent cancer of any kind from ever happening to you. An easy way to do this is to make sure you don’t have a nutrient deficiency and are getting enough essential vitamins and minerals every day. CLICK HERE for the 8 top nutrients for Cancer prevention.
- Oct 15th:
Gary's Fall Sale

Sale ends Oct 20th

- Oct 17th:
Mercury Retro Ends!

- Oct 20th:
Full Hunter's Moon

- Oct 31st:

"Stress, anxiety and depression are caused when we are living to please others."

~ Paulo Coelho



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