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A Message from Pam Gallagher
     "Fall is in the process of being and we are all subject to these times of restlessness and deep core change. With the New Moon Total eclipse coming in Nov (the 13th to be exact), be prepared for an intense "Call to Action" in the area where the eclipse is hitting you. It is EMOTION time! Watch those barbs!" 

**Pam will be giving a 1 hour Lecture on the topic: Finding Your Soul Path Through Astrology (this will include all Signs) on Saturday November 17th at 3pm at the Victory of Light Expo - we hope to see you there!
Come one Come all to Gary's Pre-Black Friday Sale!  Avoid the long lines and take advantage of these discounted prices!
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~ Eckhart Tolle

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herself of Cancer

~ The Oneness
We are All One!
Give a the gift of personal enlightenment and growth to someone you love with a consultation from Pam
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Calendar Sale

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~ Tiny Buddha
When you are Angry

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Science behind good Vibes

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We are our Choices

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Power of patience
November 1st - 11th:
Gary's Pre-Black Friday Sale!

November 2nd:
Dia de Las Muertos

November 4th:
Daylight Savings Time
Fall Back @ 2 am

November 6th-26th:
Mercury Retrograde

November 17th:
Pam Speaks at the
Victory of Light Expo

November 26th:

December 2nd:
Healing Clinic

The Midwest School of Astrology offers a world class group of Astrology professionals from all areas of expertise. Each guest lecturer will be featured in a weekend three day intensive workshop. The workshops are part of the Midwest School of Astrology curriculum and will also be open to the public by reservation. For an upcoming list of speakers please click the link above.  
Just accept yourself exactly how you are, and the struggle will disappear, and your energy will become a vast reservoir of love, settled and relaxed, then you can listen deeply, and trust your inner being
~ Swami Rajneesh
FOR RENT: Do you have a need for an office with access to a waiting room, private bathrooms and community setting? 
We are looking for people who are independent workers and run their own business, who need office space for consulting, Counseling, Accounting or other types of services that would be a nice compliment to our LightPath community. We rent space by the month or  1-2 days per week. We also include your name and contact information on the LightPath Center website, newsletter and client interaction with other services. For info: Call Mindy Witt @ 513-984-2293
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