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Happy October!!
The Midwest School of Astrology is back in session, Mercury is coming to an end and fall is knocking at the door. We here at the Lightpath Discovery Center are looking forward to a bright new season with lots in store for you!
With Cold and Flu season knocking at the door wouldn't you like to know how to avoid them altogether? Did you know that Gary has not had a full blown cold or flu in about 10 years, and he has done it without any medications or flu shots to boot. To learn more go HERE
Pam Gallagher offers a variety of types of consultations. She covers everything from Past Lives, Business Consulting, Lifetime Patterns to Relocation possibility charts. Email or Call Pam to schedule your next appointment! 
- Oct 9th:
Mercury Retrograde Ends

- Oct 12th:
Columbus Day

- Oct 27th:
Hunter's Full Moon

- Oct 31st:
Unique, different and a whole lot of fun! That is what an Astrology party is all about. For groups or parties astrology readings are a great addition to any gathering! For more information please email Diane with questions/scheduling requests HERE 

We meet ourselves time and time again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.

~ Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961)


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