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     While January slips away, warm and fuzzy thoughts and chocolate hearts make their way into our lives. Valentines Day is fast approaching as well as the coldest months of winter. With warm hearts and a good pair of snow boots, February should be an exciting time for us all. We have some great activities available for all this month that include chocolate, foot rubs and some energetic healing! Now that's the Trifecta! Be sure to check out our event info included in this issue for dates and times. We hope to see you soon!

From Jan 30th to Feb 14th Gary is having an online gift certificate sale for his services through his website HERE. These are excellent for gifts as well as a great time to stock up on future sessions. Just remember this sale is for a limited time only!
The Midwest School of Astrology is a 3 year, 500 hour, intensive, program designed to teach students the art and science of Astrology  .  . To. To learn more about how to get your certification please click HERE
Epigenetics is essentially the study of the "behavior" of our genes. For a long time we have thought that our health was dictated by the coding in our genes. This is not the case, the way in which we "think" about our health dictates so much more in our daily experience. To learn more about this exciting field of study please visit Gary's website HERE for more information.
Genuine happiness requires peace of mind or a degree of mental composure. When this is present, hardship counts for nothing. With inner strength or mental stability, we can endure all kinds of adversity.
~ Tenzin Gyatso -The 14th Dalai Lama 
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