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SkyTruth Alerts Update: National Response Center Offline

Dear SkyTruth Alerts Subscriber,

If you live in on the Gulf Coast, or pretty much anywhere except Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Colorado, you may have noticed you haven't gotten any new Alerts lately. We wish this was because no one spills oil or releases hazardous chemicals anymore, but the real reason is that the Coast Guard-operated National Response Center (NRC) has been offline since February 21st.  

According to NRC staff, the site is down for maintenance and security updates necessary to comply with the military's new standards for cybersecurity -- a process we're told could take up to year.  In the meantime they have set up an alternate site to host the latest reports, but it will only be updated weekly.  We are working on a way to extract the data from this new source and provide weekly email alerts, but this may take some time. We don't know yet what day they expect to do the weekly update, but if you need to access the most recent publicly available reports, download the 2014 Reports file...
Download NRC reports through last week:

Please note that this process has not impacted the NRC's ability to receive reports. If you see a spill you can report it to the NRC by phone:

In the meantime, reports from state regulatory agencies are still updated daily for Colorado, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

If you value the information you get from SkyTruth Alerts (like knowing if the refinery next door is pumping out hydrogen cyanide), you can contact your senators and representative and ask them make sure the NRC restores this valuable public service as quickly as possible.