Day #3 is about Goal Setting

btw, don't worry - it won't be an audio every day - we just want to get all the important things in place while you're still feeling fresh!

It's going to get less intense as we get into our flow, promise.

We asked you to write down how you'd like to feel by the end of the month,
now we want you to fine-tune this - and get even more specific.

Whilst there are other perfectly good Goal Setting models,
SMART goals are great for our purposes here (you've probably heard of those):

Attainable/Action Based
Time Boundaried

If an example smart goal was to:

"I want to eat more healthily",

You could be more Specific by breaking that into smaller goals.
what foods you will eat more/less of.
Perhaps the goal would be around portion control, when you eat - or who you eat with.

To make it Measurable - you place numbers on that.
A certain number of meals.
Or times of day that you eat them?
How many snacks/alcoholic drinks will you have - or what will you swap them for?

Assign Attainable Actions to your goal.
Perhaps making a food plan, or arranging an online delivery slot.
Making a packed lunch.
Clearing unhealthy food from the cupboards.

Relevant/realistic - though your goals need to be a positive change from what's happening now - 
they need to be believable - and relevant to your life.

Time Boundaried -
you need to know when you are going to make changes by;
including the smaller steps along the way.


Minimum Effective Dose:

Listen to today's audio (this one isn't hypnosis), and if you want to -
make a note of some Goals you would like to achieve in a little more detail.


All in:

Use the goal setting sheet on the webpage
(you can download it and print, or make your own version using the headings)

Work through the sheet for each goal you want to achieve
(no more than 3)

And plot your milestone targets and deadlines in your diary.
Consider setting reminders to help you keep track of your progress

Continue to record your food

Let's head into Day #3 HERE

Lots of Love

Tanya + Amy x

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