#6 Let's go for a walk

OK, today is a biggie.
2 Topics to cover - one about food and another about your body.

The first is emotional eating.

This is when we eat food we later wish we hadn't because of emotions rather than hunger.
If that is an issue that came up for you when you thought about your obstacles, then it's worth some special attention

We are going to look at that in more detail in today's video.

Once you identify what those emotions might be, you are better equipped to deal with them, which can help you break the associated eating habits.

The second is daily walking

We did a walking challenge in our Inner Circle facebook group over August, and I have collected together the posts on the next page, if you want to look at any of the issues in more depth.

There's no such thing as the wrong weather... just the wrong clothes, so wrap up and get some invigorating fresh air.
  • Minimum Effective Dose

Watch the emotional eating video.

Consider which, if any, emotions are getting in the way of your weight loss/health goals.

If you want to take this further - you could use the bridge model from Day 3 to thrash out ways to improve things.

Knowledge is power - it might be uncomfortable thinking, but if you know what needs to be tackled, you can take the first step in doing that

See if you can get even more movement into your day.


  • All in

Emotional Eating

Watch the video on the next page, and download the accompanying workbook if you want to really explore this (not essential)

Certainly, make some notes on any issues that come up

Record Your Steps

We would like you to start to record how many steps you take each day until the end of the challenge.

Don't beat yourself up if it's not many yet - simply aim to beat yesterday's steps each day
Use the health app that's probably already installed on your phone, or you can get a simple pedometer for a few pounds on the internet if you prefer to walk phone-free.

And if you want some more inspiration to walk, those posts are below
(if you are not in that group, ask to join and I can approve you)

Last Day of Recording your food

You should have some fantastic data on how you eat, and will probably already have seen areas where you can make simple tweaks.

I always find it powerful to think about the fact that just 200 calories extra a day... add up to a stone in a month.
Well done for staying the course with this.

Obviously WHAT you eat is as important as how much ... but we are getting to that!

Let's head into that video...

> HERE <

Lots of Love

Tanya & Amy x


Lots of Love

Tanya & Amy x
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