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So here's how this will work:

Each day at 5am you'll find an email nestling in your inbox.

It will have a:
  • Minimum Effective Dose Task  and an
  • All-In Task
    (if you have the time to commit a little more)

At the end of each week, we will have a round-up of everything that's happened
in case you missed anything.

We are going to start super gently.

Your Minimum Effective Dose Task today is to listen to Audio 1.

The aim of Audio 1 is to practice being REALLY relaxed.
It sometimes takes a few practices to get into the state of hypnosis - and we will talk more about what hypnosis is over the month, so you can wow your friends with your expertise.

For this first one, all you need to do is sit or lie back, make sure you're warm, comfy, not in a draft and won't be disturbed.

Maybe turn notifications off.

Make sure you listen at a safe time.
Don't worry if things like fire alarms or other emergencies happen,
you'll be completely alert and ready to deal with anything. 
You won't be groggy when you finish listening.

In fact, you're going to feel amazing.

Your All-In Task is to find a notebook
      or something similar to keep track of things over the month.

And write the answers to these questions:
  • How you would like to feel by the end of the month.
  • How committed you are to follow all the tasks and suggestions?
  • The changes you would like to make, not in terms of weight or size - but in attitude and mindset.
We will come back to the body specifics tomorrow.

If you're ready for Audio 1 - CLICK HERE

Lots of Love -

Tanya + Amy 

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