Hypno Reboot #13

We're hoping that we've inspired you to walk a little more, earlier in the course.
And if you're going 'All In' that you are beating yesterday's step score - even if only by 1.

Today, I want to talk about why it's a great idea to move - even a little bit more.

Often when people think about losing weight, they focus only on restriction. 
Cutting things out.
Denying themselves treats.

And in some respects, it's not a terrible approach
(although you can do it much smarter and more strategically than that).

If you want to take in fewer calories overall,
of course, you can restrict them.

However, seriously restricting yourself is not only miserable, it's often counterproductive and can make you unwell.

So another option is to scale back gently, and exercise to use up those extra calories,

There are so many other great reasons to exercise, it ;
  • Prevents brain degeneration (e.g Alzheimers/Dementia)
  • Regulates your insulin and leptin (lowers blood sugars)
  • Prevents Cardiovascular Disease
  • Keeps your postural muscles strong
  • Keeps your hormones working well
  • Improves your circulation
  • Improves balance and co-ordination - vital in older life
  • Improves productivity, creativity, self-esteem, confidence, productivity, mood, libido.. tons more - but you get the idea.

Even a little extra exercise a day will give you a ton of benefits but also speed up your weight loss efforts.

3,500 calories fewer over a week (for the average person) leads to a 1lb loss of fat.

That's 500 daily calories.
This is an achievable, sustainable, healthy goal.
Going too quickly can be counterproductive, actually slow down your metabolism and isn't something we would recommend.

But those calories can be EXPENDED through exercise as well as NOT EATEN.

And the beauty of exercise is that it makes your metabolism stay HIGHER for a time after you've finished.
So you burn even more calories.

So the smart move is to INCREASE the exercise (burning more calories... and more fat)
And if you are going to decrease your food - choose the unhealthiest kind with little nutritional value
(sugar, processed carbohydrates, saturated fats).

Less bad stuff in - more calories out.

Don't worry too much about the specifics of the food - we are going to cover more of that later in the course
with some helpful information from Human Upgrade's University of Food.

Minimum Effective Dose

  • Listen to the daily audio homework
  • Consider where some easy empty calorie savings could be made from less helpful food
  • Consider where you can add some more movement into your day


All In

  • Listen to the daily audio homework
  • Continue to record your steps (trying to beat yesterday's score, each day)
  • Try the workout on the next page (from Human Upgrade: 12 Weeks of Fitness)

You can find that


Lots of Love

Tanya & Amy x

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