Good morning

Day #2

Today is about the power of visualisation.

Rather than just wishful thinking, this recording will show how having a really clear vision of where you want to be actually primes your mind to help you make those changes.

We talk about how sportspeople use visualisation techniques to perform better, and this translates to  whatever it is you want to achieve.

When you visualise, it's like a dress rehearsal for the real action.
Neural pathways start to be formed, and the more boldly and clearly you can create the vision in your mind, the better it works.

Visualisation just gets you where you want to be quicker, and more effortlessly.
So before we get into the Virtual Gastric Band recordings later in the programme, exercising your visualisation muscle, will make the changes deeper and more permanent.
  • Minimum Effective Dose
Simply listen to today's 15 minute recording.
The same as yesterday, make sure you are in a good physical place and time to do this
  • All In
Knowing where you're going is vital,
but knowing where you are NOW means you can measure the progress.

This is hugely motivating for your mind.

When it gets a taste of success... it wants more.
It's vital to celebrate the little wins, as well as the big ones.

Today, for All In we would like you to:


1.Take measurements.

Use a measuring tape to measure your;

Waist (narrowest part)
Hips (widest part)
Chest (widest part)
Thighs (widest part)

And to weigh yourself.
Don't forget that your weight is a less accurate measurement than the tale of the tape.
If you increase muscle and lose fat - you'll be slimmer, but might not weigh differently.

This is REALLY REALLY important.

Having more muscle won't make you look bulky - but leaner and more toned.
Muscle takes up less space than fat.

Often people get frustrated that the scales don't move, even though they are living much more healthily.
This is demoralising and can put you off.

If you want to be scientific about weighing, then invest in Body Composition Scales.
These will tell you the real truth of what's going on in your body.


2. Record Your Food 

We will do this for the next for the rest of this week.
The easiest way to do this is to simply take a photograph of everything you eat and drink as you have them.

If you want to be more scientific you can also write down what you had.
Don't worry about calories and macros, for now, we will get to that later, and arm you with better information.

You might find that this one action alone changes your choices for the healthier.
It's a great idea to keep this all in one place - ideally, in the notebook you found yesterday.

So with all that in mind - let's head to today's recording


Lots of Love

Tanya & Amy 
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